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Rockin’ Baby

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Cole has made several trips out of the house recently, but his mommy has been bad about documenting these moments with her camera. Last week he made his first trip to the mall with his mommy and Grandma Wendy and met lots of people at Neimen’s and Sak’s. He’s also been to the Golden Nugget twice in the past week for lunch with Brian and Penney from the City. And he had his portrait taken at Babies R Us.

Cole got on his caterpillar rocking horse last night with the help of his Granny. This gift was given to him by Shelley and Linda and is one of his coolest toys.

Granny Gigi holds him on.


Lucy always wants in on the action!

img_2960.JPG    img_2963.JPG

Now Mommy takes a turn.


He’s having fun now!


Cole also recently had a chance to meet Hilary, Grandma Wendy’s sister, who came over to do a little gardening.


Cole meets Pop and Madi

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Cole’s Mississippi grandparents came for a visit last Wednesday. Pop sang to Cole for five days straight, and Cole’s parents got to catch up on some much needed sleep. Cole took his very first vacation when he traveled to Los Angeles to stay at his grandparents’ condo in Brentwood. He was a great traveler and slept the four hours it took to get to L.A. from Vegas. While in L.A., Cole met his great grandparents and his cousins Bill and Tracey Korf.

Cole meets his Pop/Bob Bresnahan, his mother’s father.


Cole meets Madi/Debbie Bresnahan, his mother’s stepmother.


Cole makes faces on the patio.


Cole’s starting to smile and laugh, and no, it’s not gas!


Pop and Madi liked giving Cole baths every day.


Cole meets his great grandpa Jack, his father’s mother’s father.


Cole meets Pearl.


Brian gives Cole a big kiss.


Pop spends time with Cole on our last day in L.A.


Family photo in Brentwood.


Family photo Take 2.


It’s fun to stay at the

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Cole wore one of his football onesies the day he found out that his dad would be going to the Super Bowl in Miami. Wearing the boots from Grandma Wendy, someone commented that he looked like he should be in the Village People.

It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!!!!


Cole with Granny Gigi, who was a lifesaver while Daddy was away.


Aunt Jillian came by for a visit.


Cole with Mommy. This picture was taken at night, which is when he is usually awake. He sleeps in the day and parties all night!


Cole with his Aunt Mari, who volunteered to babysit while Mommy went to the gym.


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