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Photo Shoot

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Cole had his picture taken professionally today. This is his second time to have his picture taken at Kiddie Kandids, and it was a lot more fun than the first time when the best pictures were ones of him sleeping. I loved watching the photographer capture huge smiles. And, I finally got a decent shot of me with Cole - my first Mother’s Day gift to myself.

518099850_07.jpg     518099850_06.jpg

518099850_03.jpg     518099850_05.jpg     518099850_04.jpg

518099850_08.jpg     518099850_11.jpg     518099850_10.jpg

I Love My Mouth

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Cole has found his mouth and loves putting whatever he can into it - his fist, his bib, his toys. Sometimes he sticks his fingers so far into his mouth that he gags on them, which gives his parents a good laugh. Hopefully being breastfed has built up his immune system so that we don’t have to worry too much about the germs he’s ingesting.

Cole out in the garden.

img_3330.JPG     img_3331.JPG     img_3333.JPG

Cole on the couch with his keys.

img_3336.JPG     img_3335.JPG

Cole wearing one of the many onesies bought for him by Pop and Madi.

img_3338.JPG     img_3339.JPG     img_3340.JPG     img_3343.JPG    


First Vacation

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Even though Cole’s everyday life and subsequently his mommy’s is practically a vacation, Cole took his first real vacation last week to San Diego. Brian had a custom home builders conference at the Hotel del Coronado, and Cole and I tagged along. Our highlights included visiting with the Scaranos, going to the zoo, and hanging out by the pool.

The trip began with a flat tire in Victorville, CA. We are so thankful that it didn’t happen in the middle of the desert. We were only delayed two hours, which I believe was good karma for not freaking out when the blowout occurred. Here’s a pic of Cole while the tire is being changed.


Cole and Eva at Eva’s house. We only wish Eva lived in Vegas so she could be our babysitter!


Our trip to the San Diego zoo. First stop was to see the pandas.


Daddy burping Cole.


Cole in the hat that Sam and Liz gave him.


Cole and Daddy.


Cole and Mommy waiting for the polar bears to come out.


Cole on the hotel bed. As you can see, his hemangioma is getting larger. Everyone asks about it, even strangers on the sidewalk! We just tell them that it’s a birthmark that will eventually go away.


Cole swaddled and ready for bed. We don’t often swaddle him, but this night it worked really well at getting him to go to sleep.


Sheryl, Eva, Bob and Brian after eating desert at Extraordinary Deserts. We’ll definitely be going back!



First Easter

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Cole celebrated his first Easter today by having lunch at the Las Vegas Country Club with the Houssels. It was great to meet Eric’s son Dane, who is three years old and is the perfect age for egg hunting. We’ll probably make it a tradition to have Easter bruch at the club . . . Can’t wait until Cole can run around looking for eggs. If he’s anything like his super observant daddy, he’ll be the egg hunting champion!

Cole with his granny at his first Easter brunch.


Cole on daddy’s lap.


Cole reading the morning paper.


Yesterday was Cole’s first Baby Einstein experience, and he was quite enthralled by the Baby Beethoven video. I know it’s educational, but it felt a little odd to watch a 3-month old watch tv. When the video showed footage of babies, Cole giggled. And at one point he cried when he saw toy bugs on screen. This is what Cole looked like as he was watching tv.



L.A. Baby

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Cole just made his third trip to L.A. As always, he had a great time getting strolled down the boardwalk and eating out. We made the mistake of not always having him in his car seat at the restaurants, and one of us, usually Brian, would hold him during the meal. We ate out four times, and Cole didn’t sleep through a single meal. Luckily for us, he was well-behaved.

Cole with his parents and his doggie.


Cole with his mommy and granny on the Santa Monica Pier.


Cole watching the sunset.


Cole and Daddy at the Montana Cafe.


Cole and Mommy. Cole is wearing one of the many outfits that Aunt Mari bought him from Gymboree.


Cole doing his daily exercise of learning how to crawl.


Cole looking happy in his car seat.


Cole with his great grandparents.


We got this baby seat before Cole was born and are just now able to use it. We love this gift! We can include him in a lot more things without having to hold him, like eating dinner and reading the paper.


Cole and Lucy are best friends forever!


Cole’s daddy is quite the gardener. Our roses are looking awesome!



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