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Sitting Pretty

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Cole can now sit up for short periods of time. This milestone usually happens after crawling, which Cole isn’t yet doing. He prefers to push himself backwards and usually rolls around to get where he wants to go.

Cole got to spend some quality time with his Uncle Paul last weekend. We went to L.A., and Cole went to his second baseball game (Dodgers vs. Angels). This weekend, he met his Cousin Ava for the first time. Cole wished they could have spent more time together.

Cole and Paul chillin’ on the couch.


Cole passed out at the baseball game. He can sleep through anything.

Cole with his Mommy.


Cole sitting on his own.


Cole, Hannah and Ava at the Original Pancake House.


Cole shows his two bottom teeth.


First Teeth

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Cole sprouted his two bottom front teeth on Tuesday. Over the past week, he’s been a little fussier than usual and twice woke in the middle of the night, although it was easy to get him to go back to sleep. (He sleeps at least 11 hours straight at night now.) Once I get a good picture of his new teeth, I’ll post it.

Cole in his room. He loves playing with the toy that Lisa bought for him.


Cole with Granny Gigi.


Cole with Aunt Jillian in the outfit that Ma Di bought for him.


Mom’s First Week Back at Work

Friday, June 8th, 2007

I went back to work this week, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be. We have a nanny who stays with Cole during the work day, and she came twice last week so I could get used to someone else taking care of him. She is the best nanny we ever could have hoped for; she is kind, capable, hard-working and loves babies. During the weekdays, I get to spend 3-4 hours a day with Cole. I value our time together much more than I did when we were together 24/7.

Cole and Lucy on the bedroom floor. Cole spends a lot of time on the floor now that he’s rolling everywhere.


Cole with Daddy.


Cole with Great Grandpa (he is a great grandpa!) Jack and Grandma Wendy. Cole eats at the Cheesecake Factory for the third time in his very short life!


Cole with Brian’s high school buddy Izzy and his fiance Joanna.


Cole is now eating rice cereal, and like all babies, he loves to rub his food all over his face.




Cole loved Sophie T’s toy so much that we had to buy him one of his own. This deluxe model makes a lot of noise with three different battery operated toys. We haven’t gotten annoyed as of yet.



More Sewanee Pics

Friday, June 1st, 2007

Below are a few pictures that Ma Di (Debbie Bresnahan) took during our 3-day trip to Sewanee.

Cole in his Born Lucky onesie given to him by Dan and Martha McDonald.




Cole with Uncle Paul.


Stephen, Suzanne and Paul sitting on the front porch.


Stephen’s children, Hailey and Reed, in Lake Cheston. Sewanee is short on places to swim, but Reed and Hailey seemed to have a good time.


Cole in the bouncer that Lisa gave him.


Ma Di’s son, Brent, with his girlfriend Kimia.


Pop and Cole on the hike from Morgan’s Steep to the Cross.


The ultimate football hold.


Pop loves Cole.


Sophie gets in a lick.


Cole is already learning to smile for the camera.


Cole can roll all over the place.


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