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Monday, July 30th, 2007

Cole spent another weekend in L.A., but this time he got to spend lots of quality time with his Aunt Jillian. Too bad he can’t yet eat her cooking. He’s really missing out.

Cole can actually take bites of fruit these days. He loves peaches, and bananas are okay too. Cole sprouted a fifth tooth over the weekend.


Flying Ace loves to bounce.


Strolling around in Brentwood.


Meeting Gaby and Mark for the first time. He felt right at home.

Wearing the shirt that Randall gave him.


Outside the Disney Concert Hall in downtown L.A.


Looking at his Mommy.


Family photo outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art. We never thought we’d take Cole to a museum at this age, but he was very well behaved. Some of the art work looked like something Cole will be able to do in a couple of years!


Hanging out over Daddy’s head.


Playing with TWO rattles!


Heading to the farmer’s market.


He’s Happy, But Does He Know It?

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Brian and I think that Cole is one heck of a happy baby. Cole wakes up smiling and most times goes to bed smiling. When he cries, it is most definitely for a reason, and we can almost always make it stop. Cole is entertained by a lot of things now. He loves Lucy and especially loves grabbing her fur. He enjoys playing with the shutter on the stairs. He likes swiping at the revolving animals on the toy that Lisa gave him. He loves laying on his back and beating his feet and hands on the floor. And finally, he loves peek-a-boo.

Cole on the couch playing with his toys.


Cole getting ready to eat some pears.


Cole gets serious while taking a bath in the kitchen sink.


He’s not serious for long!


Give me a kiss!

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Brian felt like Cole gave him a kiss the other day. He’s not really puckering up, but he will open his mouth and place his lips on your cheek without trying to suck or bite, so I guess you could call that a kiss. Another new development is that Cole is saying “ma” - his first consonant. He’s also really enjoying hearing his mommy sing songs.

Cole takes a cat nap (all he takes these days are 30 minute naps) right before dinner.


Cole enjoying his grandparents’ pool.


Why isn’t Mommy ever in the pictures?


Cole is actually quite trained when it comes to smiling for the camera. He loves hearing “cheeeeeese” really loud and high-pitched.


Finally, Daddy takes a picture.


6 Months Old

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Cole is six months old today. He loves playing with this ball and especially loves it when I bounce it off of his head.


Cole playing with the toy that Aunt Mari and Uncle Roy bought in Hawaii.


Cole in his new high chair. It’s funny how little he looks! Don’t let the sippy cup fool you. He has no clue how to use it.


Another Doctor Visit

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Cole had another doctor visit today. Brian thinks that the nurse (who wasn’t the nurse we usually have and like) didn’t do a good job measuring Cole. He measured 26 inches but only grew 1/2 inch in two months? We think not! He has gained some weight and now weighs 16 lbs 7 oz, which is over a 2 lb weight gain since our last doctor visit. He has a small, hard knot on his forehead that is either a calcium deposit or a bump from hitting his head. We think it’s the former. It’s possible that it won’t go away.

We can start feeding Cole solids twice a day and can start giving him finger food. Guess we need to buy him a booster seat now. We can’t get away with just using the Bumbo forever!

After eating sweet potatoes in the Bumbo or as Brian likes to say, Bimbo. This is the messiest he’s gotten yet!


Cole with his new toy. If he could always love toys that cost $5, Brian and I will be well off.


Cole gets some good old-fashioned fun while riding Richard’s leg.


He still doesn’t know that he’s looking at himself in the mirror!


Happy at the doctor’s office before receiving three shots to the leg.



Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Okay, let’s face it, Cole spends a lot of time at home. Luckily, he’s doing some new things, so it’s still fun to take pictures even though the backdrop never changes. It’d be child abuse if we did anything outdoors with him right now. It’s in the 100’s and on July 4 it’s supposed to be 115, so we’re scrapping our plans to see the Philharmonic at Hills Park. We’ll probably go swimming instead and eat pulled pork prepared by Chef Brian. Cole’s not yet eating pulled pork. He’ll probably have peas instead.

Looking cute and happy on the couch.


Sitting on the floor playing with his robot, a gift from Grandma Wendy.


Switching positions. Cole can move all over a room by rolling from back to front and turning while on his stomach and then doing it all over again.


I want to put your camera in my mouth!


Loving his daddy in the onesie Ma Di gave him.


Playing on his bedroom floor.


Reading the elephant book that Lorraine Kopman gave him.


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