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Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Cole first started crawling on August 17, right after Brian and I came home from work. We were so excited that we were the first to see him finally figure it out. Now he’s all over the place, and as a result, is burning more energy and wants to eat more. This week Cole has eaten lentils, cantaloupe, cottage cheese, peas and blueberries, all of which he liked. Cole also enjoys drinking water like a big boy. He likes to put his teeth on the glass and like the sound that it makes. One other big thing happened this week. I was waving goodbye to Cole before he left with Brian to pick up Dulce, and Cole put his hand in the air to wave back. Brian and I just looked at each other like it was the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen.

We bought Cole his own Nalgene bottle. No wasteful bottled water for him!


Cole seriously loves his bottle. On this particular day, he looked at it like it was the best thing in the world.


You can see Cole has a dimple, just like his Mommy.


Cole in the Austin t-shirt that Debbie gave him. Thank you, Debbie!


7 Months Old

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Cole is now 7 months old. Wow, time flies when you’re having fun, which applies to Cole’s life because it is non-stop fun during the hours he’s awake. He sleeps 11 hours straight at night, although he occasionally has a bad dream, which make Brian and me wonder, what are his bad dreams about? Someone takes his bottle away or we ignore him (he thrives on attention)? Cole sprouted his sixth tooth today, and we think we see another on the way. He’s starting to grow a little hair on his noggin. And he’s learned how to open one of the heaviest drawers in the house. He’s also rocking back and forth while on his hands and knees, but hasn’t yet learned how to creep or crawl. He’s way more interested in rolling around than crawling.

Cole in his new overalls from Gaby and Mark.


Cole watching Baby Einstein, which studies have recently found actually inhibit learning. Cole only watches an hour each week at most.


Cole and Mommy before getting shot down at the Planning Commission Meeting. Brian and I tried to get a variance on our setbacks on the Palomino lot where we plan to build our next home. We lost, meaning that we’ll have to build a two-story rather than a one-story.


Cole and his Granny.


Cole with his new cement mixer toy.


Cole says “Hey, Betsy! Thanks for the t-shirt from Harvard. I’m sure by the time I’m old enough to go, my parents will have to shell out $400K!”


Cole makes his goofy face.


Cole in his new favorite toy - a walker. We have to watch out for our feet when he’s in this thing AND Lucy has to be alert or she’ll get run over.


Cole visits with his Aunt Mari.


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