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Learning to Walk

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

We think Cole is about a month away from walking on his own. His favorite thing to do is hold our hands and walk around the room. He can’t get enough of it. He’s walked around our coffee table on his own by using the table for support. Today while Cole was sitting in the bathtub, he pulled himself up into the standing position. I would have taken a picture, but I was in the tub with him.

Prior to standing in the tub, Cole pulled himself into a kneeling position using the planter in our dining room. He had taken a rock out of the planter and was attempting to put it back in the planter. This was the first time I’ve ever seen him try to “clean up.” I hope it’s not the last!


Cole taking a bath in the sink. This is his second favorite thing to do. He especially loves splashing water on the floor. During this particular bath, he pulled himself over the edge and looked down at the disposal. Very scary!


Cole with his Granny. It’s rare that he’s happy after being taken out of the bath.

Cole propped up on the coffee table.


Sweet, innocent little Cole.


Little Fish

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Cole got to hang out with his Pop, MaDi and Uncle Paul over Labor Day weekend. Cole had non-stop fun for five days straight. He went swimming twice a day, read books and played with lots of new toys. Thanks to MaDi for taking so many pictures! We wish you had been in some of the pictures.

Cole loves his Pop.


Cole actually fell asleep in his raft after this picture was taken.


As always, Cole enjoys being thrown in the air.


Cole in his new Timberland overalls courtesy of Pop and MaDi.


Cole eats cottage cheese and likes it!


Cole enjoys his new jack in the box (Curious George in a box).


Cruisin’ in his float.


Cole has a meltdown in the car. Occasionally he looks like a big boy.


More fun in the water.


Family photo.


Cole has a little dinner after his bath.


Hanging on to the side.


Look Ma, no hands! Cole can stand for a few seconds at a time unsupported.


Cole in the Saints jersey that his Uncle Paul bought for him.


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