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Little Caveman

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

I just finished reading Happiest Toddler on the Block to prepare myself for Cole’s toddler years. Dr. Karp says that one year olds are basically like little cavemen and are at about the same developmental level as mankind was five million years ago. It’s funny to think that Cole is like a little Neanderthal!

The little Neanderthal meets his cousin Erin Bresnahan and her husband Tim.


Cole now has three bottom teeth.


He can harmoniously co-exist with Lucy and play next to her without tormenting her.


Cole seriously loves his books and is already tearing them up.


Cole enjoys being outside with his daddy.


9 Months Old

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Cole turned the big 9 months old last Tuesday, which also happened to be the day that he sprouted his 7th tooth! He also saw his doctor last week and was pronounced very healthy, weighing in at 18 lbs 14 oz and measuring 28-1/4 inches long. Cole is all over the place these days, going from one thing to the next. He can pull himself up just about anywhere and particularly loves sliding the doors on the bathtubs and closet in his room. He also likes rolling a ball on the hardwood floor and then chasing after it.

Cole having fun in the bathtub. This is a rare moment because he is sitting rather than standing.


Look ma, one hand!


In profile. Cole really loves being outside. This is only one way in which Cole is similar to Lucy. Both enjoy looking out of the window.

His skin is flawless, except for when he accidentally scratches himself or falls on his face.


Crawling in his “in the trenches” style.


Another way Cole is like Lucy - he tries to get into her kennel. Notice how his left leg is actually in the kennel.


Aunt Mari came for a visit with her new pups, Gizmo and Scooter. Cole was initially scared of them, but by the end of the visit, he crawled up to them to let them get a sniff.



Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Brian was putting Cole in the car to pick up Dulce, and Cole said oh-ma-ga. I think it sounded like “Oh, My God!” similar to the way the Tri Delts would say it in that Saturday Night Live skit. Cole’s major achievement this week is that he can now bend over and pick something up while standing supported. He previously had to sit down to get whatever was on the floor. He also crawled up all 17 stairs in our house. I think Brian was taunting him with Lucy’s bowls. Cole particularly loves the water bowl and splashing his hand in it.

I no longer bathe Cole in the sink because he likes to stand up too much. He can’t fall out of the bathtub.


Cole LOVES his books. We hope he’ll continue to love them once he learns how to read.


Cole in the backpack Wendy bought us at R.E.I. I should have gotten a wider shot. You can’t really see the beautiful red rocks at Calico Basin.


It’s Sunday, and Cole is wearing his Deuce McAllister Saints jersey. I think his Uncle Paul is regretting buying it for him (superstitious). I think he looks cute in it, and am actually starting to look forward to the day he has his own sports jersey with Plaster on the back.


Cole likes being outside so we humor him and let him take his walker out in the garden.


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