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Cole Goes to Meridian

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Today we returned to Vegas from a trip to Meridian for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful trip. We only wish we could have taken Lucy with us so she could visit with her mother and brother. Cole had a big time eating Thanksgiving foods and playing with all of the toys that Pop and Madi bought him. He also enjoyed playing outside and riding around in his Radio Flyer wagon.

Cole turned 10 months old on November 9 and then took his first trip to Sea World on November 10. We really weren’t thinking when he had his hands all over the glass. Three days later he developed a fever and was diagnosed with roseola.


Cole takes notice of the beluga whale that passes by.


Cole and Daddy in Pop and Madi’s gallery.


Family photo on Thanksgiving.


Cole tries out a rocking chair that’s his size.


Cole meets his Granny’s side of the family. Here he is with Boopie Winstead, Granny Bresnahan’s 2nd cousin.


Hanging out in his pajamas.


Going up the stairs.


Pop gives Cole a bath.


Cole holds on for dear life as he’s being pulled in his wagon. He has a hard time enjoying the new bear that Ann Chalk and Bob Barbor gave him.


Madi lets Pop take her picture.


Cole gets to crawl around the yard. He wishes his parents had a yard this big.

Cole hangs out with Joshua Hawkins in Birmingham. We hope Cole grows up to be as well behaved as Joshua is. Cole has no clue what “sharing” is, but luckily Joshua didn’t mind sharing his toys with Cole.


Pirate on Suzy Nagle

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Thanks to Aunt Mari, Cole dressed up as a pirate for Halloween. He didn’t much like wearing the hat, but when we were strolling him down to Aunt Jillian’s he didn’t realize he had it on, and we were able to get a decent picture. Halloween’s not that much fun yet since we only have a few hours with him after work, which is usually reserved for dinner and a bath, AND he can’t even say “trick or treat!” I dressed him up in the morning, and he hung out in costume all day at the house and visited Signature Homes in the afternoon.

Cole says “Arrrrgh, Matey!”


Cole hangs out with Idaly, who is Dulce’s daughter, on Nevada Day.


Cole really loves being outside and loves holding on to the hose.

Maybe he’ll be a gardener like his dad and Pop (Grandfather Bresnahan).


Or he could be a bass player in a band like his Uncle Paul.
(Overalls courtesy of Aunt Jillian.)


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