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Cole Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Cole celebrated his first Christmas today and spent most of the day with the Plasters at his house. Just as everyone else, Cole has eaten a lot over the holidays. This morning he had a pear, which he ate all by himself. Then he had waffles and blueberries at the table with everyone (we were stingy and didn’t make him eggs benedict). Then he went on a hike with his dad, Uncle Morgan and Grandpa Richard.

Cole begins his day by walking Lucy with daddy. His leather jackets with hoodie was a gift from his Cousin Raven.


Cole and I check out the toys that Santa left.


Cole plays with his xylophone.


Cole and daddy look at the ABC wheel on the coffee table.


Cole poses with his new quilt from Pop and Madi.


Cole reluctantly takes a picture with Brezzie Bear, a gift from Nana Gigi. Cole hasn’t yet warmed up to any of his stuffed animals. Nana Gigi tried really hard with this one by dressing him up like Brian. Brezzie evens says “Let’s hang out!”


Cole plays with the garage set, which is his parents’ induction into assembling Christmas presents. Note to self - buy ones that are already assembled. Brian managed to cut himself putting this thing together, and it’s all plastic!


11 months old

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Cole has reached a couple of milestones this week. We think he’s known how to walk for months, but just doesn’t want to do it without some type of support. (I’m sure most new parents feel this way.) He practically runs when using his walker. On Wednesday, he took four steps on his own - from the coffee table to the Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree is already starting to sag - only in the area that Cole can reach. He’s notorius for killing house plants. Luckily for us, the tree is already dead!

On Thursday, Cole did the sign for “more,” although in all honesty, I don’t think he knows what the word actually means. We only use the sign for “more” during mealtimes, and he will sign “more” but then won’t let us give him more food. He sees how excited we are when he puts his hands together and probably does it just for our reaction.

The high chair doesn’t swallow him up as much as it used to.


Cole bangs on the door - “Let me out!” He often cries when we close the door because he just wants to be outside. It will be great when we have a bigger outside area for him to play in.

Cole has little tolerance for his Santa hat. The moment it’s on his head, he’s pulling it off.


Brian’s holding his arms down in this one.


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