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Dog Lover

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Cole says the word “dog” thirty times or more each day while beating on his chest, which is kind of the sign for dog. He occasionally gets the “g” in, but it usually sounds like “da.” He even says it when he hears a dog bark. He loves to play fetch with Lucy and is no longer scared of his Aunt Jillian’s bulldog Trucker. He barely flinches when Trucker knocks him down.

Grandpa Richard and Cole.


Cole with his cousin Hannah at his Great Great Uncle Leonard’s memorial service. Cole and his mommy spent most of their time outside of the theater where the memorial service was held because Cole can’t sit still for longer than one minute, even when he’s being bribed with sugar cookies.


Cole hangs out at a bar with his Uncle Morgan and T.J. during the playoffs. Cole even took a nap at the bar.


Cole has his first Japanese meal in L.A. and enjoys visiting with his Great Grandpa Jack.


Cole especially loves Jack’s glasses.


Cole takes lessons from Daddy in how to operate a computer.


Cole Turns 1

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Although Cole won’t remember his first birthday on January 9, it is well documented with pictures taken by Madi and Aunt Mari. A very special treat for Cole was the arrival of Pop and Madi from Mississippi. They spent the week with Cole and showered him with attention.

Cole loves playing with pots and colanders, and we ask ourselves why we keep buying him toys. He pulls on the cabinet door as hard as he can until the child lock gives way. We’re now resorting to rubber bands to keep the door closed.


Cole climbs onto the sliding drawer.


Cole wakes up on this birthday morning to discover a tent filled with balls in the kitchen.


Cole says “It’s my birthday, and I’ll smile if I want to!”


Cole and Lucy ride in the wagon, a gift from Granny Gigi.


Madi and Cole play his favorite game - “Where’s Cole?”


Cole and Granny Gigi wait for Brian to cook up some burgers.


Cole tries to burn himself on this birthday.


Cole says “I like the cake, but where is the icing?”


Cole with his Grandpa Richard and Grandma Wendy.


Aunt Hilary, Grandma Wendy and Aunt Mari wish Cole a happy birthday.


Cole’s enjoyment of his birthday cupcake lives up to his mommy’s expectations.


Cole gets lots of toys for his birthday including two wooden trains, one from Grandma Wendy (in picture) and one from Pop and Madi.


Cole likes to give BIG kisses! He hasn’t yet learned how to pucker up.


The resemblance between Pop and Cole is uncanny. Here they are waiting for lunch at the Springs Preserve.


After lunch, Cole enjoys swinging in the park.


Cole Goes to Austin

Friday, January 4th, 2008

December 30 marks Cole’s official “started walking” date. He just needed to be around other kids his age who were already walking. Cole loved being in Austin, eating out at restaurants and playing on various playgrounds. He thoroughly enjoyed staying with Ariel and Nate and their dogs, Benson and Barr. We realized that Cole likes big dogs. Another highlight was hanging out with Dorie, Ben and their 22 month old Henry. Cole was in a good mood the entire time we were in Austin, and particularly liked meeting new people. He also developed quite an appetite, and sampled cheese grits, eggs and pancakes, creamed corn and a grilled cheese at the various restaurants we went to.

Cole wishes his daddy’s garden looked like the one behind the Eastside Cafe.


Cole spends time with Ruby. They make a cute couple!


Cole rides in Henry’s wagon. Henry enjoyed putting his feet on Cole, but Cole didn’t mind.


Cole crawls all over the state of Texas!


Cole loves Texas, especially Austin.


Cole and Daddy in front of the rapidly changing Austin skyline.


Cole and mommy-to-be Ariel after lunch at Austin Java. Cole can’t wait to play with Quinn!


Cole enjoys a Mexican martini at Trudy’s . . . NOT! He watches his parents as they enjoy Mexican martinis before taking a flight back to Vegas.


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