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Cole Celebrates 2nd Easter

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Today Cole went on his first Easter egg hunt at the Las Vegas Country Club with a group of 0 to 3 year olds. Parents were allowed to help, and the hunt ended in less time for this age group than for the 7 year olds. The parents were a little too helpful. Cole scored four eggs because we were on the edge of the hunt, and we cordoned off the end section for him. Besides the hunt, he got to eat lots of foods off of the extensive buffet. He also had his first chocolate candy today (Easter bunny) courtesy of Granny Gigi. He loved the small piece we gave him but didn’t freak out when he didn’t get more.

Cole takes daily walks around the neighborhood with Lucy. He loves having lots of room to walk around.


The Spring Preserve has a great playground. Last Saturday, a 2-year old boy pushed Cole over. Cole plopped on his butt and just looked at the boy who got it good from his parents.


Cole sees his daddy for the first time in 11 days. Cole said “Daddy, what did you bring back for me?” And Brian said “not toys!” Brian bought him three Chinese outfits.


Cole’s new favorite thing is to climb up on the coffee table and spin around.


Cole helps out in the garden. It’s hell getting him to keep his hat on.


Cole likes his Easter bunny! T-shirt courtesy of Aunt Jillian from her trip to Thailand.


Cole wears his white Chinese suit for Easter.


I didn’t get great pictures of Cole on his 60 second Easter egg hunt.


14 Months Old

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Cole started out the week fairly grouchy (for him) and was generally not in the best of moods. He’s starting to hit and whine, which I’m hoping is a phase. On Friday and throughout the weekend, he’s been very happy. He’s especially enjoyed walking one the sidewalks in the neighborhood with Lucy. This afternoon, he picked up rocks that were on the sidewalk and placed them back where they belonged along the sidewalk. This is the first time I’ve seen him “clean up.” He’s also gotten frustrated lately when he couldn’t get his shoe on or when he couldn’t put the top onto his sippy cup. The cleaning up and getting easily frustrated remind me of ME!

Cole turns 14 months old and starts out the day eating a nectarine and a kiwi. In this picture, he really looks like a little kid, except for the fact that he’s missing some hair.


Lucy doesn’t like fruit, but she definitely like Cheerios, and Cole likes feeding her.


Cole in the courtyard. I didn’t let him stay outside too long because I was worried that he’d get sunburned, and then what kind of mother would I be? EVERYONE already thinks he has a black eye!


Cole loves the new refrigerator and oven that Grandma Wendy bought him. He’s seriously spoiled, but luckily for us, he doesn’t know it yet.


Cole makes his monkey face. He does this a lot.


Daddy Turns 30

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Brian turned 30 on Saturday, and we celebrated by meeting up with Morgan and Tappan in L.A. On Saturday morning, Cole visited the playground on the beach in Santa Monica and mostly watched other kids play. He’s not too adventurous yet. Cole enjoyed watching us eat a Chinese dinner to celebrate his daddy’s b-day. The only food he really liked was the lychees. Besides saying “dog” quite often, Cole said “more” on Sunday for one of his favorite foods - chickpeas. We also think we’ve heard him say “agua.”

We forgot Cole’s sunglasses, but daddy’s worked just as well.


Cole runs around on a field by the beach.


Cole loves walking Lucy. I’m sure that he’ll be ecstatic to get his second dog, Lennon.


On Sunday, Cole had a fever and wasn’t too energetic on our outing to Santa Monica.


Here he is content with just kicking back in the stroller.


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