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Temper, temper

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Words I’ve heard Cole say: dog, caca (for cookie), gaga (for water or agua), mama, dada, hello, apple (we heard this word yesterday), nana (for banana), car. Dulce has heard lots of Spanish words, but the only one I’ve heard is carro (for car).

Over the past week, Cole has been temperamental and fussy. I hope his behavior is due to his first MMR vaccination, but who knows. He likes to slap his hand down, throw things, hit himself on the head and slap people, including faces, when he doesn’t get his way. He’s really got the crying thing down to manipulate us, and I tell him “We’re on to you, Cole!” Dulce tells us he has a “strong” personality, and Brian says he gets it from me, and I say he gets it from Brian.

To prove my point, here he is during dinner tonight at I Love Sushi. I’m not sure what he was upset about. I knew it was going to be a difficult meal because he wasn’t very interested in eating. (We often have to get Cole a little upset when we brush his teeth because he won’t open his mouth otherwise.)


Cole still loves being outside. Everyday he covers every square foot of our courtyard.


He also loves watering plants. He loves water, period.


Enjoying his talking maraca.


After dinner, we took him to a park in Henderson. The only time he gets fussy at parks is when we pick him up to take him where we want him to be.

Enjoying the grassy field. Lucy would kill us if she knew we’d been to the park without her.


Walking with a purpose on the basketball court.


Checking out the big kids playing basketball.


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