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Big Boy

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Cole just spent one week without his parents so that we could take our first vacation without him to Maui. Cole had a lot of fun while we were gone. He spent a few days with Dulce and her daughters and then spent a few days with Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Richard. While at the Plasters, he got to hang out with Bill, Tracy, Ava, Kerry and Hannah. We were bummed we missed seeing the Korfs, but had a great time snorkeling and golfing in Maui.

Cole is on the verge of talking. He has long conversations with himself and will occasionally try to repeat something we say. He can now get on top of our dining room table on his own and almost got out of his crib today on his own.

We bought a bigger kennel for our new puppy Lenny, and Cole likes to crawl into it.


Cole loves Aunt Jillian’s big yard.


Hanging by Jillian and Ian’s pool. We hope he’ll learn to swim in this pool by the end of the summer.


Cole climbed into a chair tonight and read the newspaper. Notice how he politely raises his pinky while turning the page.


I finally get Cole to look at the camera.


Enjoying bath time.


Cole Visits San Diego

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Cole took a trip to San Diego last weekend and made his second visit to the zoo. He stayed awake most of the time unlike his last visit when he was 3 months old. Brian made the executive decision to take Cole out of his stroller after being there less than 20 minutes. Cole loved walking around on his own, and after a couple of hours, we put him back into his stroller, and he threw a fit. Then he passed out.

Cole checks out the gorillas. A few minutes later, the mother was nursing her baby, which was really cool to see.


We attempt to get Cole to pose with the gorilla statue. Maybe we’ll have better luck next time.


Cole hams it up in the condo at Mission Beach.


Cole gets scientific.


Cole proudly wears his Meadows shirt.


Hiking at Mount Charleston. We just finished the Cathedral Rock trail.


Cole plays with his new friend Aidan. Aidan is 3 and has a lot of patience with Cole. Cole hit Aidan with Aidan’s toy, and I apologized to Aidan by saying “Cole would say he’s sorry but he can’t talk yet!” Cole really loved Aidan’s jeep as you can see in this picture. I tried to put Cole on the seat, but he preferred the floorboard.

Our new puppy Lenny, bred by Cole’s Mississippi grandparents Pop and Madi, meets Lucy. They are already BFF.


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