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More Pics from Phoenix

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Debbie (Madi) sent me the pictures she took while we were in Phoenix. In addition, I have good shots of baby #2 as well as Granny Gigi with Cole.

When Cole saw Gigi the other day, he immediately started asking for popcorn. I guess the only time he eats it is when he’s with her. This is Cole’s Zoolander Blue Ice look.

Gabriella Grace or Jackson Robert Plaster? We’ll soon find out . . .


Cole is on the move at Todd’s baseball game.


Cole loves his Pop.


Todd proposes to Kim, and she says “yes” of course! We are looking forward to a Mississippi wedding.


Madi does some fancy photo work on this picture.


The Energizer bunny finally runs out of juice.


Meeting Pop and Madi in Phoenix

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Cole had a big time hanging out in Phoenix with Pop and Madi, Todd and Kim. He got to see Todd pitch and enjoyed staying up way past his bedtime. The next day, we went to the zoo and generally chased after Cole all day long. Unfortunately, he wasn’t tired enough to sleep in the plane on the way home, but he did an awesome job traveling back and forth to Phoenix in two days. I am happy to say that he’s an exceptional traveler.

Cole sits on Madi’s lap at the baseball game. We let him have (suck on) his blanket in the event that he got tired, but it was just too exciting to sleep. He was thoroughly entertained by it all.


Cole enjoyed the fountains at the zoo, but was too much of a wussy to get wet. He was more interested in eating his apple.

Cole walks around the zoo. We eventually coerced him into the stroller with cookies.


Pop tells Cole all about the animals.


We had lunch near the giraffes. This was right before Cole took a nap in the stroller. Can you tell he’s tired?


Austin & Halloween

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

A lot has happened to Cole since my last blog entry. He’s talking a lot and says new words every day. He’s played with kids many times in the last month. He also took what I consider to be his first vacation - an 8-night trip to Austin. We stayed at the Radisson on Town Lake. Cole enjoyed the hotel, the elevator, riding in our blue rental car, eating out, walking on the hike and bike trail, playing on playgrounds, spending time with all of our friends and their dogs, and he especially enjoyed spending lots of time with his parents.

Cole hangs out at Aidan’s house for a Halloween cookie decorating party and eats lots of cookies while decorating very little.


In Austin, Cole spends time with Big A and Baby Quinn, both of whose names he pronounces very well.


Checking out the Eastside Cafe garden.


Hanging out with Quinn. Cole liked to lecture Quinn and generally act like the “boss.” Cole became very familiar with the term “not nice” due to his occasional behavior towards Quinn. He now says “not nice” quite often.

Cole enjoys dinner with Debbie, who had a magic touch on Cole once dinner was over. After literally climbing the walls, he sat in her lap for at least 10 minutes.


Cole at the State of Texas Capitol grounds.

picture-027.jpg picture-041.jpg


I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!


Video of Cole reading a sign at the State building

Cole plays with Henry Pickle. Henry shows Cole how to play with dirt and pretend that it is yummy food.


Brian and beautiful Baby Quinn.


Fast forward one week . . . Cole dresses up as Elvis for Halloween, cape and all. He wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to draw good thick sideburns.

On the move. Walking like he’s the king.

Cole picked up on the trick or treating process very quickly. Once we were home, instead of eating his candy, he preferred to play with it by dumping it out of his pumpkin and then putting it all back in. It’s pretty amazing that he’s doesn’t love eating candy yet.

Cole makes one last stop at Aunt Jillian’s.


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