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Cole’s 2nd Christmas

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Christmas week was a good one for Cole. Not only did he get to spend more time than usual with his Mommy, Daddy and grandparents (Wendy, Richard and Gigi), he also got to visit with his Uncle Paul (when Cole say Paul’s name, it sounds like “apple pie”).

On Christmas Eve, Cole, Brian, PaulĀ and I went to Calico Basin to do the nature walk. Cole took a tumble off the path, but sustained no injuries or bruises. We were very lucky that he didn’t hit his head on a rock.


Cole and Uncle Paul


Video: Cole walks in the snow

Cole had a big Christmas morning. He was way more into his gifts than last year. I guess it’s a bad sign that he was asking for more presents after we were finished unwrapping all of the gifts.

His big present from Santa was a train station. In his first minutes playing with the train he says “Oh my God!”
Video: Cole with his new train set from Santa



Cole also got some wooden fruit and pots and pans for his play stove.

Video: Cole cooks with his new toys

Santa also brought Cole a potty.


Cole learned how to roll dice on Christmas Day while his Uncle Paul and Daddy played backgammon


A Weekend of Christmas Parties

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Cole went to three Christmas parties this weekend - two at houses of my co-workers and one at Jack and Phyllis Binion’s. Cole was a little shy at the first party, but by the third one, he was content to be on his own, doing what he pleased. The Binion party was over-the-top - pictures with Santa and elves, an ice skating rink with skates in all sizes, 15 minute fireworks show, caricatures, multiple presents for the kids, smores over a fire pit, a huge chocolate fountain, a DJ, a band, and a groovy dance floor. We got there early, and Cole thought the dance floor was only for him. When little girls would get on the floor to dance, he would push them off and tell them to “go away.” Not my proudest moment. By the end of the night, he got a big bear hug from a little girl, and she fell over on top of him. Cole cried about falling over backwards. He should have been rejoicing that girls actually want to hug him!

Cole on the dance floor.


Cole was the hit of the party in his bomber jacket and hat, gifts from Pop and Madi. People who didn’t even know him wanted to take his picture.


Video: Cole running around in circles on the dance floor

Video: Cole dances to the beat


Monday, December 1st, 2008

Cole got a fever on Tuesday and was pretty sick through Thanksgiving. Luckily, he still had a good time at Wendy and Richard’s for Thanksgiving dinner. He spent the night at his grandparents and when we picked him up after playing golf on Friday afternoon, I noticed that he had a cold sore in the corner of his mouth and his gums were swollen. Dr. Al says he probably has herpes or some other virus whose name I can’t remember. I keep thinking back to the toy car shopping cart that Cole rode around in last Friday night. Riding in it and honking the horn keeps him happy at the grocery store. He put his mouth on the car at one point, and I bet that’s where he picked up the virus. Not only has Cole suffered, but we’ve suffered too because he didn’t sleep well most of last week.

Cole and his Mommy. The only good thing about Cole being sick is that he loves being held, especially by his Mommy.


Cole and Granny Gigi


Cole and Aunt Mari relaxing after Thanksgiving dinner.


Cole enjoys some milk.


Cole went with Brian and me to get haircuts yesterday afternoon. We are prepping him for his first haircut.


Cole goes shopping for toys. Hopefully he won’t remember the things we bought him once Christmas day comes around.


Cole enjoys his Saturday night bubble bath. You can kind of see his swollen gums in this picture.

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