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Cole’s First Haircut

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Cole had his first haircut on Saturday at Cool Cuts 4 Kids. He did a great job letting the stylist cut his hair. The stylist called me “mom” several times, like that was my name. Now that I think about it, I should have called her “hair cutter,” which would have been reminiscent of Cole’s current favorite book, Busy Busy Town. Cole did not like the trimmer, so I didn’t force it. Cole now looks like a little boy. I forgot to take “after” pictures, but you’ll see his new ‘do in a post later this week.

We picked the red car for Cole to sit in. He watched Blues Clues on a little tv that was positioned directly in front of the car. Whoever came up with the idea for this place is a genius.


Cole sits still for his haircut.


The final step was getting the top trimmed up. No buzz cuts for this kid!

Cole Turns 2

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Cole celebrated his second birthday on Friday with his parents, Jillian and Ian, Wendy and Richard, Gigi, Mari and Jenica. He was given lots of new toys, and I think our small house has finally reached maximum capacity for toys. Aunt Jillian did most of the work for the party; she prepared most of the food and bought the decorations. Thank you, Aunt Jillian!

Cole tries on his Madagascar hat. He likes to move it, move it.


Cole and Aunt Jillian


Cole loved his Blues Clues cake.


Grandpa Richard and Jenica, who was the only person at the party not technically on Richard’s payroll!


Cole played with his new pounding toy. We bought it for him and had no idea it was going to be so loud!


Cole plays with the new barn and farm animals that Aunt Mari gave him.


Cole LOVED having Happy Birthday sung to him.


Here he is taking a swipe at his birthday cake.


Cole with icing on his face.


Grandma Wendy really wanted to feed Cole his cake and ice cream. He regressed from his first birthday when we let him inhale his cupcake.


The next day Cole enjoyed coloring on his new easel.


Video: Cole attempts to write his name

I let Cole get messy on round two with his birthday cake.


Video: Cole loves birthday cake

Cole said “pantalones” on the night of his birthday, which was met with much enthusiasm from all. While he was playing with his barn on Saturday, he said it again. It’s at the end of this video.

Cole Speaks in Sentences

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Cole has started repeating everything we say. (Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good thing, but I won’t write about it here.) On Sunday, when kissing his Grandma Wendy goodbye, he said “Take care.” On Monday morning, he woke up and said “Mommy! Where are you? Daddy! Where are you?” Another development - Cole was taking a shower with his daddy, and Brian counted to 20, and when he stopped, Cole said “21, 22, 23.” I count to 30 to him every night when I brush his teeth, and he’s starting to pick it up. One last thing - Cole often says “group hug” so that he can get a hug from his mommy and daddy at the same time.
Tonight,  he enjoyed corn on the cob with us at dinner.

Video: Cole eats corn on the cob

We spent the weekend in L.A. Cole saw his Great Grandpa Jack twice. Here he is giving Jack a goodbye kiss.


Cole likes trying on Grandma Wendy’s reading glasses.


Cole spent some time with his cousins - Hannah and Ava. He was pretty bossy to Ava at first, but in the end, he learned how to play nice. Hannah did an awesome job of regulating him.

Cole plays in Hannah’s room.

Cole loved hanging out with Grandma Wendy.


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