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Jackson Hole 2009

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Cole took his second trip to Jackson Hole last week. He enjoyed spending time with the Plasters, especially Grandma Wendy, and watched Madagascar too many times to count. Some of Cole’s trip highlights included riding the bus to the Elk Refuge, going into his first real candy store, swimming in the toddler pool at the Rec Center in Jackson, and kicking snow walls with his boots. If we are able to take a trip of this kind next year, Cole will have his first chance to try out skiing.

Cole bundled up and heading to the village to go sledding. Unfortunately, the sledding area was closed, so we had a nice walk instead.


Cole practicing gestures that will come in handy with his new sibling.


Cole visits the Elk Refuge, but actually preferred the bus ride and not being in a carseat to the sleigh ride. The 45 minutes we spent on the refuge might have been the coldest of my life. It didn’t help that Cole would have nothing to do with the blanket that was supposed to help keep us warm. He took one look at it and said “Not my blankie! Not my blankie!”


Cole eats the biggest lunch ever at Sweetwater Grill in Jackson. He had a PB&J, cottage cheese, oranges and cantaloupe.


Cole visits the Yippe IO Candy store where he could have done some major damage if left unsupervised.


Cole rides up the tram to the top of the mountain.


Cole gazes lovingly at Grandma Wendy as we prepare to go to the airport. I wish I had taken pictures of Cole with his aunt and uncles - Jillian, Morgan and Ian. I’ll try to do better next time.


Big Weekend for Cole

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Cole got out of the house a lot this weekend. On Saturday, he went to the dog park and playground in the morning, then to the tile store where he had more fun than I did, and then to Whole Foods where he and Brian ate lots of samples. Today we had breakfast at Payards at Caesar’s, then we went to FAO Schwartz. Brian and I had to seriously restrain ourselves from buying him more toys. He took a nap and spent time at Granny Gigi’s, and then we went to Aunt Jillian’s to watch the Super Bowl. Cole was a little scared of Trucker at first, but was bossing him around by the end of the night, telling him “Off the couch!” Last week was the first week Cole wasn’t excited to see Dulce in the morning, and I think it’s because he likes to go places with us on the weekends.

On Friday before work, we all drove to the lot on Palomino to watch our foundation being poured. It was very exciting! Cole loved seeing the huge cement mixers. Brian drove down the street the next day, and before they reached our lot, Cole said “concrete?” He has a pretty good sense of direction when he’s riding in the car. He often knows when we are close to being home.


Cole at the dog park on Saturday morning. Thanks to Aunt Mari, we have pictures of his outing! See Lenny in the background playing with Cole’s “socca ball.”

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