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Sunday, April 26th, 2009

When Cole is with other people his age, it is usually with Dulce’s daughters, which is why he has grown an affinity for Latinas. He went to the playground with Brian last week and spent the majority of the time playing with a little girl. On Saturday morning, Cole said “I want to go to the playground.” We asked him - “What do you want to do at the playground?” thinking he would say he wanted to go on the swings or slide. He said “I want to play with girls.”

Thank goodness he likes little girls because he now lives with one!


He’ll even kiss his little sister when asked.


Cole got a lot of attention at his Aunt Jillian’s wedding, mostly because he looked so great in the suit his Daddy bought for him in China. He also got some attention when he refused to walk down the aisle with Grandma Wendy. He was okay at the rehearsal, but freaked when show time came. I stayed in the back with Cole while Brian walked Wendy down the aisle. Cole was fine when he realized he didn’t have to walk in front of all of those people.


Cole looking very happy because he knew he was about to go swimming! I’m a failure as a parent if I can’t teach him how to swim this summer. Hopefully Pop can make some progress during his visit.


Easter 2009

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Cole got his first Easter basket last Sunday and has thoroughly enjoyed the garbage truck, the Cars pillow and the Minnie and Mickey Mouse coloring books that the Easter bunny brought him. He also loves the plastic eggs that contain jelly beans and M&Ms. We still have some eggs left, and several times a day Cole holds up one finger and says in his sweetest voice “Just one egg, Mommy. Just one.”

Cole on Easter morning with his loot.


Cole hunted for Easter eggs at Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Richard’s house. We had a hard time not giving him hints on where to look for eggs. He was hunting both plastic and dyed eggs. I think he may have purposefully not picked up the dyed eggs because he knew that they didn’t have candy in them.


We dressed him in a shirt and tie to break him in for Aunt Jillian’s wedding.


Last week Aunt Mari and Kim came by to visit Cole and Gabriella.


Idaly and Dulce were on Spring Break vacation and they came to play with Cole one day.


Video: Cole sings the ABCs

Cole Meets His Little Sister

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Cole officially became a big brother on Tuesday, March 31 at 7:07 am when Gabriella Grace was born. Cole met Gabbie for the first time later that afternoon and liked his new baby sister immediately.


Even though he’s wearing the same shirt, these pictures were taken three days later. Cole even spent some time today telling Gabbie about his car collection.


I have to quit asking Cole to “look up” when I’m taking his picture and instead say “look at the camera.”


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