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Meridian and New Orleans

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Cole just spent the past week in the South: 5 days in Meridian and 2 days in New Orleans. He had a big time in Meridian swimming in Pop and Madi’s pool, playing with the dogs, and having fun at their lake house. He slept in a big boy bed (twin blow up mattress) for the first time and loved it. One of the highlights of his trip was driving a boat in the lake after seeing Fourth of July fireworks. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me. Pop and Madi did everything they could to make him feel at home, and they spoiled him like only grandparents can.

Cole loves Pop’s pool because it’s shallow enough for him to walk around.


Cole hangs with Uncle Paul at the lake house.


Cole fed some fish while we were at the lake.


And he fished for the first time. First you feed ‘em, then you catch ‘em!

On the way back to Meridian, Cole met his favorite Cars character - Mater. Notice that he is wearing a Cars t-shirt and a Cars swimsuit, and probably a Cars pull-up too.

I think he was a little scared at how big Mater was so Madi helped him climb up.


Our first day in New Orleans and Cole’s  highlight was eating Skittles in the Quarter.


Most of our trip revolved around food. Here he is eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde.


Cole and Daddy outside the French Market.


Cole walking in Daddy’s flip flops outside the B&B in Marigny.


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