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Fire Engine

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Ever since Cole played on the fire engine at the Denver Children’s Museum, he’s been saying that he wants to go see a fire engine. So, being the great mom that I am, I called the Fire Chief, and he arranged for us to visit last Friday afternoon. Cole’s reaction wasn’t quite what I expected. He was a little intimidated. Seeing real fire engines isn’t quite the same as playing on a scaled down version. I’m sure we’ll go back when he’s a little older.

Cole was happiest behind the wheel.


He didn’t want to hang out in the fire boots for long. Here he is with Chief Gammon, who gave him a pin, helmet and a baseball cap. Cole racked up!

On the back of the truck.

Taking it all in.

Watching a firefighter come down the pole.


Great things happened on our trip to L.A. last weekend (not counting Cole’s many meltdowns!). Cole pooped in the potty for the first time in months, and I’m certain that we’ve finally turned the corner. It really is great to have one of the kiddos out of diapers. Here Cole, Gabby and Daddy are at a local L.A. brewery near Little Tokyo.


First Camping Trip

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Cole took his first family camping trip last week and spent time in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. He loved sleeping in the tent and also loved how many movies he got to watch both in the car and at our campsites. He must have watched Cars and Wall-E at least five times each. While Cole seemed to enjoy much of the trip, he was also thrown off by our complete departure from his typical schedule. He often said that he wanted to go home, and then the day came when it was time to go home, and he said that he didn’t want to go home. I guess this is all part of being 2 years old!

Family photo at the Grand Canyon. Brian’s fear of heights + Cole running around = a very nervous parent.


Cole got messy with his chocolate ice cream cone.


Cole and Daddy at the Meteor Crater.


Cole enjoying cereal at the Santa Fe campground.


Cole channeled his pent-up energy into throwing rocks at the Arkansas River.


Cole said he wanted to ride a train, but then when we boarded this little train at the Royal Gorge, he was upset that he couldn’t drive the train.

After visiting the Children’s Museum in Denver, he now thinks he should be able to drive a fire truck as well!


He loved playing like he was shopping at the grocery store.


Cole gave us a little taste of his whining abilities while we stayed at the Donovans.

Video: Cole whines

I had great hopes that Cole and Liam, who is almost five years old, would love each other. I was wrong. Liam didn’t even want to take this picture!

Cole generally liked to boss Liam around. I was suprised Cole didn’t have more respect for an older kid. I guess he just needs to get a little taste of what an older kid can do to him and then he’ll come around.


Cole actually does what we ask and takes a picture with his sister. Cole liked to tell Liam “That’s MY sister!”

Cole made the hike up the hill to see one of the arches at the Arches National Park.


A rock formation at the park.


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