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Fully Potty Trained

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Cole is now fully potty trained. I quit buying pull-ups and then he had no choice but to go to the potty. His first time was at the condo. Brian and I were elated. I felt like letting him jelly beans for a week! He’s had no accidents since then except for peeing in his sleep, which is no biggie because the mattress is covered in plastic.

Cole also has a new favorite word - idiot. I at first blamed myself since I do throw that word around a lot. Then I heard Lightning McQueen say it on Cars and decided he was to blame, not me! Regardless, Cole likes to call us all idiots, which at first bothered me, and we’ve tried all kinds of things to make him stop. None of them worked. We are now planning on riding it out because I’m sure it will eventually pass. The one lesson I learned is that I shouldn’t have made an issue of him using the word (like I did when he’s said at least three curse words) because the moment I acknowledged it, he’s said “idiot” daily.

Finally, Cole surprised me this week when he picked up on my emotions. I can’t remember what happened, but I rolled my eyes and let out a big sigh, and Cole said “Mommy, what’s wrong?” Yikes! I’m pretty sure I heard him let out a big sigh recently when he was frustrated, so I guess I’m about to get what’s coming to me!

Cole met Aunt Jillian’s new dog two weekends ago. It’s a bulldog/basset hound mix. He’s being called little puppy until they find a winner from the name-the-dog contest they are having on their Web site (Good Dog Food Company).


Cole, Gabby and I took a rare family photo.


Cole can still wear the pajamas I bought him over a year ago!


Cole had his choice of six muffins when Mari came over, and he chose the chocolate one. He is definitely my son!


We usually get a good picture when we tell him to wave at the camera.


After his muffin, Cole enjoyed watching movies on his iPod, and Lucy enjoyed watching him.


Video: Cole talks to me while in his high chair

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