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Mari’s Pics from Cole’s Party

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010











Cole Turns 3!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Coleman had a big party for his third birthday. Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Richard bought a swing set/playground for the backyard, and we had 11 children (not counting Cole and Gabby) at our house to celebrate. Cole allowed everyone to play with his toys and even got a surprise visit from Mickey Mouse (Jenica)! The menu consisted of Brian’s pulled pork and my mac and cheese, spinach salad and baked beans. Aunt Jillian made baked chicken fingers and a yogurt sauce for fruit that we skewered on stirrers. (We made sure no one poked his eye out on a real skewer!) I didn’t take any pictures, but Aunt Mari did. When she has a chance to send them, I’ll post them. I think the highlight of the day was when we all sang Happy Birthday. He loved it.
Cole’s Lightning McQueen Cake.


Cole helping Daddy blow up balloons.


Cole and me after the party.


Uncle Paul made the trip out for New Years. Paul seemed to be thoroughly entertained by Coleman, who is still quite fond of calling Brian and me idiots.


Cole occasionally graces his sister with his pleasant attitude. Here he is actually sharing Gabby’s toy with her. One thing he’s been doing lately goes like this. Gabby says “Ga ga,” and Cole says “Ga ga’s not here!” Then Gabby will say “Ah.” Cole will say “Ah’s not here!” He’s picked up on the fact that we think this interaction is hilarious.


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