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Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Cole went to an event called Touch a Truck a few weeks ago. Over 90 trucks were brought to the Orleans parking lot, and kids were allowed to climb all over them as well as honk the horn (to prevent hearing loss in your child, you could purchase ear plugs for $1). Below are two of the many vehicles that Cole explored.

A bus (Brian’s first word was bus)


A race car (hopefully this will be the last time he sits in one of these)

A rare photo of Coleman with his sister, who he occasionally likes to abuse. Cole actually gave her a black eye a few weeks ago. He said “She hit me first,” which could be true since she likes swatting at him when he snatches things out of her hands. I didn’t let him watch his customary hour of tv after work that day, and he acted like I’d cut off an appendage. Then the next day I explained that the next time Gabby makes him made, he should just “walk away.” Cole said “where do I go?” And I said “Wherever you want. Just walk away from her.” I wish I could say that he never hit her again, but I’d be a liar.


Cole loves birthdays. He doesn’t care whose birthday its is as long as he gets cake. We pulled out the plates from his birthday party so he could eat one of Gabby’s cupcakes.

Cole also loves the Easter bunny. Cole often says “I love” when describing something he really likes. He also says “I’m so excited” when he’s happy about something and ” they’re/it’s beautiful” when describing flowers, the sunset, etc.

We had an egg hunt at the house so Cole could get some practice before going to the Country Club’s egg hunt. At the Country Club, he ran past at least 10 eggs before he started picking them up. I think he was just looking for the perfect spot.

Daddy enjoys his children and his backyard.

Cole had his first experience with a balloon artist during Easter brunch. She made him a motorcycle. Here he is showing it to Grandma.

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