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“I Want to Screw Somethin”

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Cole’s new favorite show is Handy Manny where Manny fixes things with the help of his tool friends. “You break it, we fix it” is his motto. The only tool that is readily available to Cole is a screwdriver. He looks for screws around the house and says “I want to screw somethin.” It’s pretty darn funny.

Cole had his 7th swim lesson today and floated on his back for the first time without assistance. He loves swim lessons. Overall, the kid is really, really happy. Even at gymnastics, Brian notices that Cole is the happiest kid there. When I look into Cole’s smiling face, I pray that he’ll always be as happy as he is now. (I’m hoping that Brian and I don’t “screw” it up.)

We went to see Matt Pynch do his karate class recital. Pynch tried to teach Cole some karate after it was over. Check out the video.

Cole before his hike at Lake Mead.


Cole went to the toy store twice last week, once with Grandma Wendy and once with us (what were we thinking?). Then Grandma brought over more toys last night. Cole loves his ice cream, cones and scoops. Unfortunately, Gabby loves them too, and I actually had to put them away after Cole knocked her upside the head. This picture was taken before that occurred.

I look at this picture and at how big he’s gotten, and I actually CAN believe he starts the Beginning School in 2 months.

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