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Oh, to be an only child again . . .

Monday, October 4th, 2010

We took Coleman to Chicago and then to Glen Arbor, Michigan for Lindsay Bresnahan’s wedding. It was pretty awesome for Cole to get 100% of our attention and also more manageable for us to travel with just Cole. We stayed at the Sofitel (not a kids hotel), walked around Millenium Park, ate a late dinner at the Girl and the Goat (Top Chef winner’s new restaurant), took an architecture boat cruise, visited the Science and Industry Museum (U-boat tour) and hung out with our college friend, Martin Miller and his family, Katie and daughter Lily. We had a blast during our 2 days in Chicago. Then we drove to Glen Arbor. We took the scenic drive up, and Cole complained very little during the six hour trip. We saw all of the Bresnahans at a pre-wedding bonfire, including Pop and Madi. Cole even got wet in Lake Michigan. We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes with Pop and Madi on Saturday morning, which was a one-of-a-kind hike. Cole loved the wedding and reception, but then after dancing and cake, pronounced that he wanted to go to bed at 6:00 Vegas time! We wore him out. It was AWESOME! (Gabby, when you read this when you are older, know that we are sorry you couldn’t come.)

Cole enjoys a window seat on good ole Southwest Airlines. Right before we took off, I made Brian switch seats with me because it was apparent he was going to watch movies the entire flight. Brian wasn’t happy about the new seating arrangement, but I was!

Cole has a taste of true Chicago style pizza at Pizano’s on State Street.

We checked out Cloud Gate in Millenium Park.


Cole loved running around inside the Bean.


Like father, like son. Cole is already an iPhone junkie.

I was so happy to catch a ride with this guy! I didn’t want to deal with finding a cab, and it was my first time (and Cole’s) to ride in a pedicab.

I read Cole a book before bed. It’s rare to get a pic of this nightly activity. Thanks, Daddy!


Cole is so good and patient on the hour-long boat cruise. He passes the time by playing on his iPhone and taking pictures.


This could be the last time Cole falls asleep in my arms.The boat and all the talking made him very tired!

Playing in a fountain near the river.


Cole enjoyed hanging out with Lily. He was actually nicer to Lily than he is to his own sister!

Cole enjoys the view out of our hotel window.


The Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor had a heated pool. Yea! (Luckily, I was never forced to get in.)


I took this picture right before Cole puked. Not sure if the orange juice and milk combo made him sick or if he picked up something at the Science and Industry Museum. Gabby, Brian and I all got sick within the week.


Sleeping Bear Dunes was an awesome park. Cole did a great job hiking up the dunes.


We had a great time with Pop and Madi.


Cole eventually was too tired to hike. He loved riding on Brian’s back when Brian ran down the dunes.


Cole even put up with us wine tasting at the cherry wine story AND hanging out at the beer festival next door.


Round 2 in the “heated” pool with Pop.


We took a ski lift to get to the wedding site. It was a beautiful place to get married with Lake Michigan in the background.


And the highlight of the wedding? Chocolate cake!!!!!


Cole and Pop make faces for the camera.

It took Cole a few days to recover once we got back, probably because he had to share us with his sister again. Lucky for him, he gets to escape by going to school. Brian went to school the next Friday to help Cole’s class garden, so he got one picture of Cole in his classroom. Cole will probably be going to school with these kids for the next 14 years!

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