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Happy Boy

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

I am often in awe of how happy Coleman is. He has his bad moments like any 4 year old, but overall, he’s happy about 95 percent of the time. And little things make him happy - like getting toothbrushes and socks in his Christmas stocking or visiting his Daddy at his office. We were at the Springs Preserve the other day, and two complete strangers saw Cole with his best friend Jayna, called me over to their table and commented on how happy and full of joy they were. (Cole and Jayna were just excited about getting lunch and being together!) They wondered at what point do we lose the ability to be excited by small things? It’s an interesting question and something I’ll be paying attention to as Cole gets older.

A lot has happened in the last 30 days. Cole and Gabby have taken a lot of baths together . . . and both are still alive! Their new favorite thing is doing cannon balls on the small ledge half way up the tub wall. Very dangerous and hard to convince them this is not something they should be doing.


Cole saw his first ballet (the Nutcracker) and actually liked it. He was most attentive during the rat/Nutcracker fight. Here he is with his best friend Jayna. Look at his eyebrows!

Alex and Alexis came to the Nutcracker too. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of Alexis.


A few days before Christmas, Raven and Glenn came over for dinner. This is how they look every time they take pictures. Just kidding!

Uncle Paul came to visit. I think he had fun, but I’m pretty sure he was ready to go home after six nights in the Plaster household!


Cole mugs for a brother/little sister shot.


We spent Christmas eve at Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Richard’s. Cole loves hanging with his cousin Alan. I cannot wait to show them this picture in 20 years.


I didn’t get great pictures on Christmas morning, but I did get some decent videos.
“That’s a lot of toys!”

Yea for toothbrushes!

Yea for Spider-Man socks! Brian and I should have capitalized on the fact that it doesn’t take much to make Cole happy because I’m sure this will only last a few years. Instead, we went overboard, and he doesn’t even play with some of the more expensive things he received.

Cole got three pairs of Spider-Man pajamas for Christmas. Someone at school loves Spider-Man and now every boy in his class is a fanatic.

We spent a few days in L.A. over New Year’s. Cole and Gabby were getting down to the music that was playing at the new mall in Santa Monica. Cole has been doing some really funny dance moves lately, which I’m certain he picked up from his father.


Here’s an artsy photo taken at the California Science Center.


Coleman riding a horse on the Santa Monica merry-go-round. He’s been on this ride several times, but this was the first time he’d ride a horse. He always preferred a bench, and I think this time he understood what he was missing!


Cole took his first trip to Disneyland. It was my first trip too. We rode Small World, the Haunted House (Cole is still scared of this ride), Splash Mountain, a jungle boat ride and we climbed the Tarzan tree house. We didn’t know about the Fast Pass system until it was too late. We also saw a bit of the parade. I can’t wait to go back to see other parts of the park that we missed.


In front of the Disney castle, which was decorated for Christmas.


Near It’s a Small World.


Video of Cole on the Small World ride.

With Grandma Wendy on the jungle boat ride.


Cole saw a lot more of the parade than I did! And weeks later, he still loves his hook.


One night before bed, Cole arranged all of his toys and called it his toy store. I think this was Grandma Wendy’s idea -  whatever it takes to clean up!


Pudding face. This happened on Daddy’s watch.

Coleman on the morning of his 4th birthday. He obliges Gabby with a hug.


Video of Coleman opening his birthday card. He’s extremely grateful for the birthday card we gave him. This was definitely a feel good moment for me.

While we were in Santa Monica, we took Coleman to the Disney Store. He saw the Mater Tall Tales set and wanted it (of course). We had to leave immediately because he wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. He kinda threw a fit outside the store, but got over it in about 5 minutes. Two weeks later, we gave him the set for his birthday.

Video of Coleman getting Mater Tall Tales cars.

We had a pizza making party with just family and Dulce’s family. Coleman loved the Spider-Man tres leches cake that Dulce made him.


Here he is with Jefa and Idaly. They made a lot of pizzas together. It was pretty fun and a lot less stressful than last year thanks to Jillian and Ian supplying all of the ingredients.


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