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Ski Dude

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Cole is skiing, and it’s amazing to see. I can tell he’s going to be a little athlete. Matt Pynch is an awesome teacher - we are lucky to have a friend who loves kids and is great with them. I’m sure you’ll agree Coleman has mad skills!

Video of Coleman skiing at Lee Canyon

One of the benefits of working 4 day weeks is that I get to feel like a full-time parent on Fridays. On one of my first Fridays off, I chaperoned Cole’s field trip to the Natural History Museum. It was awesome seeing him with his classmates, and he was so happy to have me there. Here he is with an eel.


Cole, Gabby and Jack in Bears and Packers gear the day the Bears lost to the Packers. It was a sad, sad time in the Plaster house.


When Pop and Madi were here, we drove up to Lee Canyon to watch Cole ski. We were very proud.


Daddy is really proud, too. Apparently, Cole is the hit of the mountain.

Cole with Pop and Madi in the Cosmopolitan looking at Aria.


Cole and Gabby in front of the Cosmopolitan chandelier.


Cole and Gabby posed in front of the chocolate bunny at Crystals.

Outside Aria, sharing a stroller in what will likely be the first and only time.


Later that day, Cole, Pop and Brian planted a tree. It seemed so routine to me that day. I should have taken a video. We are going to live here a long time, and one day that tree will be huge. It’d be nice to have a video of the story!

Cole saw O with Pop and Madi. When they were walking him into the show, the usher asked “How old is he?” Pop said “4.” The usher said “You need to be 5 to see the show.” Pop said “He’s 5″ and then high-tailed it to his seat. Cole made it about 30 minutes into the show. I’m just glad he slept so Pop and Madi could enjoy it!

We took pictures in the Bellagio gardens that celebrated the Year of the Rabbit.



We picked up Cole at school on Valentine’s Day. Cole had a grocery bag stuffed full of Valentines. I felt like a total cheapskate because we bought simple Cars cards with a single lollipop. I think only three other kids in the class did it as cheaply as we did.


We went to Monta for lunch. Cole was happy coloring throughout the meal. Cole doesn’t eat much and only seems to be excited by the typical kid stuff (pizza, grilled cheese) and candy.

We celebrated Jack Newby’s birthday with his family. Here is Cole pushing Gabby in Jack’s swing.


Cole went to another birthday party this weekend. When he came home, I asked Brian “Did you forget that we were going to take a family photo this afternoon?!!”


After we bathed him, Jillian came by and took some family photos. Thanks, Jillian!

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