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Report Card and Dealing with Gabby

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Coleman did well on his last report card. He got “exceeds expectations” on: knows right and left hands; can recognize numbers 1-10 out of sequence; can recognize first name in writing; knows age and birthday; recognizes 11 basic colors; speaks clearly; knows upper case letters; knows lower case letters; demonstrates one-to-one correspondence to ten; imitates block/bead patterns; relates positively to adults; works and plays cooperatively with others; shares and respects rights of others; can sit through and discuss with interest story/pictures; works independently; engages in make-believe play; makes smooth transitions; can thread beads with large needle and shoelace; can put puzzle of 8-10 pieces together. The only areas where he scored “developing” were on: can walk backwards on a beam; can jump on both feet (I’m certain he can do this - even Gabby can do this); can catch a ball with hands only.

What his report card doesn’t say is that he can write his name without help, read basic words, and he’s starting to produce some good artwork. His teacher also said that he really tries to avoid getting into trouble. (As Grandpa Richard would say “That’s my boy!”) I’m happy with how far he’s progressed at the Meadows in 7 months.

Coleman and I figured out a better way to get what we want from Gabby. One day, she snagged one of Coleman’s toys, and Coleman screamed “Give it back!” I suggested that Cole instead talk in a high pitched sing-song voice and say “Gabby, will you please give me my toy back?” It worked, and Cole was amazed that he could get her to do what he asked. We both use the technique often now.

Cole was in a school play on March 9 called Insects Don’t Bug Me!

Here is a video of Cole saying “Crabs, lobsters, shrimp and scorpions have external skeletons too, but they are not insects!”

Here is a video of the Buzzing Bumble Bee poem.

Cole was very happy when the play was over. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the huge chocolate donut and meringue cookies he was given as a snack!


Cole with his Daddy at the Springs Preserve playground.


Enjoying a morning smoothie. He likes to coordinate his pajama selection with his sister.

Video of Cole and Gabby dancing to reggae a few weekends ago. He is often hilariously goofy. Now who could he get that from?

More evidence that the kid is goofy!


Exhibit number three. This is one of those pictures we can use to blackmail him when he’s a teenager.

Cole and Aunt Jillian during Gabby’s 2nd birthday celebration.


This is the first piece of art that Cole did with tempera paints. The video is even more impressive.


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