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Monday, June 20th, 2011

Cole and Gabby just got to spend a week in Mississippi and loved every minute of it. On day five, Cole said “Only two days left? That’s not long at all!” He spent quality time with Pop and Madi and also spent quality time with Brian, me and Uncle Paul. It is so nice having several whole days being with him.
No doubt one of the highlights of Cole’s trip was eating whatever he wanted. His first breakfast consisted of cereal and mini muffins. Debbie bought a bunch of fruit, but they didn’t eat much of it. I wonder why?!

Another highlight was swimming at the country club. By the end of the trip, Cole was able to pick up rings five feet under without any help. He learned that he could jump in and hit the bottom.


He loved jumping off the diving board and being thrown by Pop. Cole is now able to jump off the diving board and swim to the pool’s edge without any assistance whatsoever.

Madi and Pop bought lots of fun things to entertain Cole. He played with 3D chalk, “the coolest new toy invention of the modern era” (according to Brian). He also did a lot of drawing and coloring. Madi drew him a cool nature scene and a USA flag.

Coleman played Xbox. Sometimes it was fun, and sometimes not so fun, particularly when Uncle Paul beat him at boxing. It also wasn’t so fun when Daddy broke his toe. Here Cole is during a fun moment.

Coleman probably had at least 4 grilled cheeses while in Meridian. This is his new favorite meal.


He played in the shower at the lake house.


One of the best things about the trip was the blow up beds Madi and Pop had for them in their bedroom. Brian and I got to sleep past 8:00 a.m. every day. Thanks for the wonderful vacation Pop and Madi!

Back in Vegas, Cole shows his Daddy some love.


First Year of Preschool Over

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Coleman survived his first year at the Meadows. In that year, he learned how to write his name, write upper and lowercase letters and read some words. I’m still amazed that he can do all that, and he’s not even at the top of his class!Our goal is to get him reading easy books by himself before he starts his second year of the Beginning School.
Coleman took two weeks of swim lessons in preparation for his trip to Mississippi and is on the verge of doing the freestyle. Hopefully by the end of the summer, we can get him swimming like a professional. Here he is with his lobster ribbon.


He and Gabby love to run around naked in the backyard. I occasionally get a picture that I can post on his blog.


If you want to shop with Cole and Gabby, take them to a place that sells tents. We played in this tent at REI for at least 15 minutes while Daddy shopped for clothes.


This is Coleman’s “I want to go camping” look.


Coleman created a sculpture recently with sand and wood chips. He was pretty ticked off later when Gabby destroyed it.


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