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Yea for Santa!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Coleman’s favorite thing about this Christmas season was our elf, Sparkle. Every morning he’d come down and look to see where Sparkle would be sitting. A few times, Sparkle didn’t change spots overnight. We told Coleman that Sparkle did fly back to the North Pole, but that he really liked that spot in our house.

Coleman was allowed to open one present on the morning of December 24. Check out his reaction.Thank you Pop and Madi!

As you can tell from this picture with Granny Gigi, Coleman is really a happy boy.


He loves his Aunt Jillian too! We joke around about how Aunt Jillian might be Coleman’s employer in 10 years.

Cole received several Lego sets from Santa.


We all love putting Lego sets together, and the instructions are really easy to follow unlike a lot of non-Lego toys like Transformers! I actually gave up on figuring out how to transform the Transformer and made Brian do it.

Coleman loves his Daddy.


On Christmas morning, we listened to the 90s channel while building Lego sets. Cole really got into Baby Got Back. Check it out. Coleman loves talking about butts.

Grandma Wendy made us dinner on December 27 to celebrate the Bermans being in town. We wish we could hang out with them more often.


Holidays 2011

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

It has been really busy the last few weeks. Uncle Paul came out for Thanksgiving, and we had a great time hanging out with him. Coleman went to a Yo Gabba Gabba show that we all thoroughly enjoyed. He’s been to four birthday parties, parties at school and the Nutcracker. This kid is ENTERTAINED. Luckily for us, he does a great job of entertaining himself too. He and Gabby have been playing very well together for the past few weeks, which makes me happy.
Uncle Paul came bearing gifts, one of which was Spider-Man on blue ray. I enjoyed watching it the first two times . . .


I missed the Yo Gabba Gabba show last year, and I’m really glad I went this year. It was fun watching kids dance around, and the music was decent. Cole and Gabby pose before the show.

ConfettiĀ and streamers fell from the ceiling onto the people in floor seats. Brian made sure he was in the good seats for his 2nd show. Coleman gathered a lot of the paper and put it into his Plex hat. He is currently storing it in his room.


Kid shows can actually be fun!

Drunk on junk food and Yo Gabba Gabba.


Coleman and Gabby helped me decorate for Christmas. For a while, there was one lone present under the tree. I told Coleman that it was something he really wanted (a Transformer from Pop and Madi, but he doesn’t know that yet). I wish I had taken a video of his reaction. Then Brian told him it was a puppy, and he actually clapped his hands over and over and jumped up and down. I can’t recall ever seeing him that excited. Luckily he didn’t freak out when we told him there’s no way we’d wrap up a puppy and leave him in a box for weeks without food and water. I assured him that he’d still be very happy when he opened his gift.

We had a great time at Alex Saltman’s third birthday party. Brian didn’t come because it was during the Bears game.

The next weekend we went to Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest. We got there before it opened and were able to get on all the rides without waiting in line. The place was mobbed when we left after having been there an hour. Cole posed in Terry Fator’s puppet wall while we waited to get in.

He’s finally cool riding Merry Go Rounds. When he was 2, there were times when we’d try to get him on a horse in Santa Monica, and he would only feel safe riding the bench.


He had no qualms about getting in the spinning dinosaurs. This is an action shot. They laughed the entire time. We also went through a fun house and rode the train through the magical forest.

We had to take a picture in front of the Nutcracker.


Trucker turned five years old on December 15, and we went to the Dog House to celebrate with him. Gabby passed out on the way there, which is why she’s not in the picture. Aunt Jillian let Coleman keep the birthday hats for his birthday party.


On Saturday we went to our first birthday party at the Mini Grand Prix, and it was a blast. Here we are in another spinning ride. I felt nauseous immediately, but was able to keep it together. Brian had to take a minute after we got off the ride. Luckily, he didn’t puke!


Cole attended his second Nutcracker ballet on Sunday. He said his favorite part was buying the nutcracker before the show. I let him know that this would be a tradition that we’d do every year. The Sugar Plum Party following the performance motivates him to make it to the end.


Coleman met Clara at the Sugar Plum Party. He got a plate full of sweets, but only ate a small portion. I’m so glad that he understands when he’s full. I hope he always has that ability.


Yea for Grandma Wendy!

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