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Coleman’s Report Card

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Cole received his mid-year report card last week. We are very proud of him. He scored “exceeds expectations” on the following:

  • Draws a person with 6 parts
  • Prints first name
  • Prints last name
  • Listens, follows plans and directions
  • Adequate attention span - pays attention
  • Can put puzzle of 12-15 pieces together

We need to work on the following:

  • Decodes printed words
  • Knows sight words (Brian and I have gotten lazy on practicing with Cole)
  • Knows right and left hands

Coleman Turns 5

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

We threw Coleman a big party at a neighborhood park for his 5th birthday. Lots of friends showed up, which is amazing considering there were 25 mph winds. We could hardly keep anything on the picnic tables, including taped down tablecloths! Luckily, the kids had a great time getting their faces painted, jumping in the Spider-Man bounce house, playing on the playground and whacking a pinata.

The face painter, Candace from Balloons with a Twist, has to be one of the best in town. She can do some really detailed stuff. Not sure why Coleman wanted a red bird, but it looked cool nonetheless.

Coleman enjoying the company of friends.

Here he is waiting his turn to hit the pinata. He actually ran off right after the candy hit the ground because he didn’t think he had a chance to collect a bunch of stuff. He did much better at his next pinata as you’ll see below.

Daddy finally got the candle lit so Coleman could blow it out. I thought he should just “pretend” to blow it out, but he didn’t like that idea.


He was able to enjoy his cake and forget about the junk he didn’t collect from the pinata!


The bounce house was a nice refuge from the wind.


Jillian came back to the house with us to watch him open presents.


And boy, did the kid get some presents! I felt pretty conflicted about how many presents he received because I don’t want him to be spoiled rotten. We didn’t let him open all of them that day. One month later, he is still getting to open one every now and then.


On his real birthday, I remembered why you aren’t supposed to put candles on a kid’s cake when he started spitting on his fourth try to blow them out. Oops!

Thanks for bringing me into existence, Daddy!

A few weeks later we went to Jayna’s birthday part at Lifetime Fitness. Cole wouldn’t even try climbing on the rock wall until another mother convinced him to.

Gabby was thrilled to get to go to the party too. They ran all over a basketball court for an hour, and she easily kept up with kids 2 years older than her. Check out Coleman’s loot from Jayna’s pinata. Mission accomplished!

I had the day off for MLK Day, so we went down to the Bellagio to take someĀ  pictures. The year of the dragon created a really cool backdrop (sweater courtesy of Pop and Madi). The kids are always talking about dragons, especially Gabby.

Coleman began taking violin lessons two weeks ago. He won’t actually get a lesson on the violin for another two weeks. They are currently focused on rhythm and bowing. I hope he likes it! At the very least, I’ll practice with him. My skills level is in sync with his since I haven’t played in almost 20 years!

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