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Spring Break 2012

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

We all had the best spring break. We spent six days with Pop and Madi, and during that time we celebrated Gabby’s third birthday with family and close friends. When Pop and Madi left, we flew to Reno to spend three days with the Vickerys.
On the morning of Gabby’s birthday, Coleman helped her set up her dollhouse. I think he had as much fun as she did.

Pop and Coleman spent some quality time together during the party.


Coleman loves hamming it up with Gigi.

We took the good camera to the Bellagio. Coleman rarely complains about taking pictures. I plan to use this to my advantage! He took a great pic with Madi.

Not sure why I didn’t get flowers in the background for this shot. It’s a good one nonetheless.

Coleman got a chokehold on Gabby by the Bellagio Fountains. I always feel like she’s on the verge of running away, but I think she just wants to be chased. I always appreciate it when Coleman keeps (or tries to keep) her in check.

Later on Brian dyed Easter eggs with the kids at the house. Such a good Daddy!

We couldn’t let Pop and Madi visit without taking them to our favorite sushi joint - The Sushi on Lake Mead near Charleston. As we were getting out of the car, Cole thought it’d be okay to run across a lane to the front door of the restaurant. A car was hauling ass down the lane, and Pop shouted at Cole to stop. If Pop hadn’t been aware of what was happening, I’m certain Cole would have ended up in the hospital or worse. The car must have been going at least 10 mph. Cole was so embarrassed by his mistake (he’s always so careful about holding hands in a parking lot), that he wouldn’t go in the restaurant for 15 minutes. This picture was taken after our meal. You can see he gets over things quickly.


After lunch we went to Calico for some rock scrambling. It made me incredibly nervous to supervise Gabby climbing rocks.


They love scrambling rocks. We should take them to Calico more often.


This is Coleman’s rock star pose. Or maybe it’s his goofy pose. I can’t tell.


After Pop and Madi left for their drive back to Meridian, we went to Tahoe to spend time with Sewanee friends - Morgan, Tappan and Raymond Vickery. It was a blast watching the kids interact. Cole played the parent helper role. At one point, Gabby and Raymond were trying to sneak out the front door, and Cole alerted us to their shenanigans.


Cole spent one day taking a ski lesson at Heavenly. Brian thought it was a great use of money since Cole knew how to put on his own boots and skis when the day was over. Cole decided that one day was enough, so the next day he hung out with the Moms. We all took the gondola up together. Here Cole is with Daddy and Morgan Vickery.


It’s likely Cole wanted to hang with Tappan and me because he knew we’d be making sugar cookies and frosting them. The kids really loved cutting bunnies and carrots out of the dough. Great idea, Tappan!

We spent Easter at Tahoe, and the Easter bunny did figure out we were on vacation. Watch the video of Cole’s reaction to his Easter basket.

The kid loves loves loves to color. We seriously need to get him some art instruction this summer.


The house we rented in Zephyr Cove had a perfect backyard for egg hunting. Watch the video of Cole and Gabby going to town finding eggs. 

Cole was pretty happy with his loot. The night before I read him a free download on the iPad about what Easter is really about. I’m surprised he wasn’t seriously confused on Easter morning.
The trip ended with a really good family photo. This was the first time we took a vacation with friends with kids. It was a great time, and something we want to do more of.

After the Vickerys departed, we drove around Lake Tahoe and then back to Reno. The kids had two opportunities to play on the beach. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I can’t wait to take them back to Tahoe, especially while they are young. They entertained themselves on the beach for at least a half hour by using sticks and driftwood to build a “castle.”Talk about a cheap date. And note that they’ve finally figured out how to take a cute picture together!

Two weeks before spring break, Coleman was in his Got Green school program. He did a great job, and his speaking was very clear.

Two days later I got to chaperone a field trip to Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary. Here is Coleman on the bus with his best buddy Daniel.

Here we are in the goat pen. Besides snack time in a nice shady grove, the highlight of the field trip was feeding the ducks.

Here is Coleman’s class. They are called the Butterflies. Gabby will have the same teachers (Mrs. Gross and Mrs. Turner) next session and will be a Caterpillar. Coleman really loves his teachers and is glad Gabby will get to be in their class too.

The next day we attended another birthday part at Lifetime Fitness. After swimming, Coleman enjoyed pizza with his buddies Daniel and Lorenzo.

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