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Becoming Independent

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Coleman hit a milestone this week. He and Gabby were in our bedroom early on Friday morning. Brian and I didn’t feel like getting up, and I suggested that Cole go downstairs with Gabby and make cereal for them both. I never imagined he’d actually do it! He climbed on the counter to get the bowls, poured the cereal and milk and didn’t spill a drop. Brian and I got an extra 30 minutes of sleep. We were both floored that Coleman was able to get breakfast ready at 5 years old.

Coleman’s last day of school was last Thursday. Last year, he received an award for best laugh. This year, he received an award for exceptional artistic talent and excellence in handwriting. We are so proud! In one of his final writing projects of the year, he said “Things I liked best about school this year. 1. Learning math 2. Making art projects 3. Making bead necklaces.” Here is an example of one of his many art projects.


We took a family trip to Disneyland in April and had the best time. Cole and Gabby eagerly awaited the shuttle that took us from our hotel to Disneyland.


We were at the park right when it opened and were able to ride at least 8 rides in the first hour.

Toon Town was pretty great because we saw lots of Mickey Mouse characters.


Taking a rest at the Toon Town fountain.

Mickey Mouse gave us a personal tour of his house! Watch this video. I think we were really lucky to be at Mickey’s house at a time when there was no line. He gave us a tour because he had some time to kill.

Coleman’s big souvenir was a Goofy hat with his name monogrammed on the back. I was glad he picked something original.

We spent the next day at California Adventure, and our first ride was white water rafting. Gabby wasn’t tall enough, so Coleman and I went alone. We got soaked. He loved it, and I only kinda likedĀ  it. It took me at least 2 hours to get dry.

One of the highlights of the day was running into Kelly and Susan and their daughter Sophia. Hanging with them made the 45 minute Toy Story line bearable.
Coleman had his first violin recital and did really well. The goal this summer is to get him to practice three times each week, and if he does it without complaining, he’ll get to pick a restaurant for a weekend meal. Tonight he said he thought his first restaurant would be Pancake House, and his second would probably be a pizza place.

The day after his recital, we took a family trip to Austin. It was so great seeing Mel & Jason, Big A & Nate, Hampton, Kimmi, Steph & Amanda, Dorie, Taylor & Casie and their families. The kids had an awesome time hanging out. This picture was taken at Deep Eddy. Big A’s son Quinn is on the left and Mel’s son Jack is on the right.

Here’s a pic of Dorie and her son George, Cole and I. Our families spent a morning at the splash pad at Pease Park. Then we had lunch at Central Market. Doesn’t get much better than that.

We spent one afternoon at Taylor and Casie’s house in Spicewood Springs and met their daughter Noe for the first time. I got Cole to wear his “B is for Bob” shirt because I know Noe has one too (both gifts from Matt Pynch).

Mel and Jason had a BBQ the last night we were there, and Hillary brought her daughter Ruby over for a visit.


Here’s a great shot of Big A and Quinn. Quinn is one of the happiest, most outgoing and intelligent kids I know. I wish Cole and Gabby could spend more time with him.


Mel and Jason’s neighborhood (Circle C) was better than we could have ever imagined. We hung out at the Circle C playground the morning we left. Brian and I took turns walking/running on the trail while the kids played. Unfortunately, they didn’t play enough because neither of them slept on the plane.

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