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Monday, July 30th, 2012

Coleman has been playing a lot of tennis lately and apparently, he’s good. Jenica gave him a few lessons before summer, and he’s now in his fifth week of tennis camp at the Las Vegas Country Club receiving instruction from Johnny who taught Jenica (and Jaime and Andre Agassi) how to play tennis. He won a trophy for most improved volley his first week at camp, which was actually a big deal since they only gave out 5 trophies to about 25 campers. I really hope this is a sport he likes, and he’s not going to camp just to get PB&Js, chips and Gatorade for lunch!

He’s swimming really well. I wish I had some video to prove it. He actually wants to learn how to swim laps, so we just need him to breathe to the side by the end of the summer.
Coleman went to one week of ballet camp with Gabby. He played the prince in Cinderella. Brian loved it when he bowed to the other little girls. Coleman decided he preferred tennis camp to ballet camp, which I think was a relief to everyone. Here he is trying his dance clothes on a few weeks before camp.

Here he is on show day. He’s holding the sword that was his prop.

Jaime hadĀ  us over one weekend. We were supposed to have everyone over to ourĀ  house, but Gabby had the croup. Coleman prefers Jaime’s house because she has a pool and a snow cone machine. He and Sophia had a great time.

We spent the Fourth of July at the Country Club, and Spider-Man was there!


They also had a really talented balloon artist. Cole requested a flag hat. This is the first one she ever made. He had trouble keeping it on his head most of the night.

It made Grandma’s night to have Coleman sit in her lap for fireworks.


The next day we took a little trip to L.A., and our second day there Coleman got sick. Thanks a lot, Gabby! It was actually kind of nice to have an excuse to be lazy and hang out at the condo with him. This is his “I’m sick, really I am!” face.

We were able to get him to go to the Grammy Museum downtown and then the Yardhouse afterwards for an early kid dinner. Yardhouse is actually great for early kid dinners because it’s happy hour too!

Back to his sick face. He had just gone to the farmers market and was at the playground, and still wasn’t having any fun!


Sophia, Gabby and Coleman had a good time hanging out at our house one Saturday evening. It was one of the most perfect summer evenings to spend outside.

Brian played golf last Saturday morning, and I brought out a cardboard house “art project” that I’d been saving for several months. The kids loved painting it and are still decorating it two days later.



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