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Friday, September 14th, 2012

Coleman is now in kindergarten, and it’s been a bit of an adjustment. Beginning School is vastly different from Lower School, namely he is now faced with less hand holding and more responsibility. For example, Coleman now has to remember to put his homework folder in his backpack each day. He’s forgotten it twice, and I’ve made a big deal about it, because he obviously needs to REMEMBER to bring home his homework! Beginning the second week, Lower School expects the kids to know their carpool number, and if they don’t know it, a parent (Brian) may have to drive through the carpool line TWICE! Not fun. As for the actual curriculum, I’ve been really impressed by the classwork he brings home. Mrs. Verbon has her students write sentences and figure out the spelling themselves. Over the past two weeks, Cole has written (with impeccable seatwork):

Mi Sistr has a messy room. (True!)
My sistr sumtims maks funny fasis at me. (Also true!)
Mi Dad Sets up mi dominoes. I Noc them down. (Not very often.)
I hav a pirits Hbedband. I Were it when I pla pirits. (He likes to make pirate headbands.)
I aum fling in to autrspas in on a racket. (I really hope not!)
He doesn’t get the spelling right, but it’s great to see him trying. When he learns how to read, I hope he’ll still want me to read to him!

First day of school photo.

We took a trip to Mississippi in August to see Pop, Madi and Uncle Paul. We all had a great time, and the highlight was spending time in Perdido, Florida. That was Coleman’s first beach vacation. Madi took a video of him jumping in the waves. Check it out.

She also took a phenomenal action shot. Coleman loved jumping the waves, but did not love it when he got salt water in his mouth and eyes. He once was so blinded he thought a stranger was Madi!

Cole got buried a few times. Here is the sanitized version.

And here is the funny mermaid version. Putting cones on his chest was not my idea.

Cole and Paul hung out. I wonder what Cole will think about Paul when he’s older and sees that he wore a wifebeater in this picture. (Madi offered to buy everyone shirts at Florabama. Paul and Brian picked out blue tanks so they’d fit in and could show off their guns. I picked a shirt that Madi didn’t mind buying!)


Brian and Coleman play in the Gulf.

Cole and Gabby took a picture on our 18th floor balcony. We had awesome views!


Brian even got on the balcony a few times!


Not only did we go to the best seafood market EVER (Joe Patti’s) twice, but they also had free gelato for kids!


The night we returned to Meridian, we had a seafood extravaganza from Joe Patti’s. Pop was the master shrimp boiler and Madi made the best remoulade.


We went to Dunn’s Falls outside Meridian on the Chunky River the next day, and had to sneak in because it was closed on Monday. It was kinda fun sneaking in! This was the only family photo I recall taking on the entire trip.

Coleman and Gabby really love each other.


We spent an afternoon at Dalewood on a Monday. It was very quiet and serene. We kayaked around the lake.


And Cole and Gabby fed some fish.


The last thing we did on our tripo was visit the Mississippi Children’s Museum in Jackson. It was the best children’s museum I’ve visited yet. Lots of great things to do and very clean.

We will definitely visit again on our next trip.

After all of that traveling, it is always nice to do some yoga. Nice tree pose!


We swam in Jenica and Josh’s pool. Watch this video of Coleman swimming a lap.
And art projects are also relaxing. (Coleman complains he doesn’t get to do as many art projects in Kindergarten as in Beginning School. It’s the real world now, kid!)

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