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Good Citizen

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Coleman won one of the first good citizenship awards of the year for his class. We are all very proud, especially since he is the first Plaster to get the award at the beginning of the year. (His Daddy usually got it at the end of the year.) Being a good citizen basically means you are a good kid - listening to the teacher, being nice to other children, being polite, opening doors for others, etc. Brian, Wendy, Richard, Jillian and I were in the audience when Coleman won. He walked on stage with his award and looked at the ground. He was so embarrassed that people were smiling at him and was the only kid on stage that was shy. I was really surprised at his reaction because if I had won that award in Kindergarten, I would have been doing a happy dance.

Coleman with other October good citizens. It took Ms. Verbon to say “ha ha ha” for Coleman to smile. That’s because he responded with “hee hee hee.”

Coleman also earned a third place ribbon for his Arbor Day poster. He LOVES art projects. He recently brought home a clothes pin with an assignment of making a pilgrim or Native American. I racked my brain to figure out how we were going to make that happen, and Cole just took it upon himself to cut out pants, a shirt, face and hands from different colored paper. He didn’t approach it with “How am I going to make this happen?” and just went for it. He even wrote a “pilgrim boy” sign and put it on the shirt. All I did was help with hot glue. Cole says his isn’t the best one, but I’m pretty sure that is because other parents were doing the project for their children.

The big event in our lives the last 6 weeks was a trip to Disneyland. I never thought I’d love Disneyland as much as I do with Coleman and Gabby. This picture was taken on Pirate Island, which was called Tom Sawyer’s Island when Brian was a kid.

We went through a lot of underground tunnels and swinging bridges on the island. Coleman and Gabby took a break before we headed off to the parade.

We went to Mickey’s Halloween Party that night, and Coleman wore his three-headed dragon costume. He was Spider-Man last year as were lots of other kids, and he wanted to be original this year.

Brian was Robin Hood and I was Maid Marion. We had fun dressing up, but it was hot. Brian had removed two layers of his costume when this picture was taken. At least he left his shirt on. If he had taken it off, I’m sure Disney cast members would have asked him to put it back on!

The next day we entered California Adventure right when it opened and speed walked to Cars Land. We still waited 20 minutes to ride Radiator Springs Racers. We “won” the first time we rode it and “lost” the second time later in the day. It was fun, but wasn’t the best ride in the park.


The line to take a picture with Big Red was small, so we waited while Brian got a fast pass to do the race ride again.

Cole poses as we wait in line at Mator’s Junkyard Jamboree.


We took this picture right before Mator drove past us. Cole got too close to the car with his new mister fan, and a Disney cast member put his hand down to keep Coleman away from Mator. This caused a big meltdown, leading us to walk back to the hotel for a nap. It was probably a good thing this happened because we rested up, which allowed us to stay out until midnight = nirvana in Disneyland.

This picture was taken later that night as we waited for the Twilight Zone free fall ride. The kids were in really great moods.

The next day we had breakfast at the Storytellers Cafe with a number of forest critters.


Aaaaahhhhh, don’t get me scary bear!


Coleman drops by the office to show everyone his costume. Mari took this picture. It’s the best one we have of him as a three-headed dragon.


We trick or treated in Rancho Nevada thanks to the kindness of Jaime and her mom Helen. Coleman shows off his loot, most of which he acquired at Helen’s house.


Mari came by the house before our trip to Disneyland to give the kids presents. Coleman got a Cars car wash that changes the color of the car. Thank you, Mari!

Coleman with Jenica in her 8th month of pregnancy. I’m sure Coleman will be very protective of Baby Roma.


Stephanie and Amanda stayed with us for a few days. We had a great time! Best house guests ever!


Azurde invited us over for Mike’s birthday party. The kids had fun posing as cowboys.


Brian had fun posing too. Perv!

Azurde, Coleman, Gabby and Jillian. Coleman often smiles this way for a camera, and I usually remind him to close his mouth.

We went to the Newby’s house for Liam’s first birthday. It was fun watching him eat his cake.


Cole and Jack wore similar outfits.


Coleman played with Noor at Ariadne’s 4th birthday party.Cole had his face painted like a robot.

Coleman has been writing up a storm at school. In addition to the sentence he writes on his own every day, he usually has homework once a week where he writes his own sentence and illustrates it. Here is a video of him doing his assignment.

And some examples of the writing he brings home from school:

I am danceing to I got too get that boomboomboom at my house. (We often have dance parties.)
I am riding my bik on the sidwoc. Whil I am on the sidwoc I se quicksand. (Coleman actually needs to learn how to ride a bike.)
I at som presls. Aftr I at the presls I ran a lap. Then I had a cramp. (I’m not aware of him getting cramps, but maybe this happens at school on the playground.)
Mi sistr and I lik too eat ham. We lec ham bcos we are yoost to ham. (He often has ham sandwiches for lunch.)
I am playing fres tag. Whyl we are playing fres tag we run thro hols cichins and undr beds. (I think they often play chase in the house, which involves running laps in the kitchen.)

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