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Dear Santa

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Coleman wrote a letter to Santa at school. This is what he wrote:

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. I have been a good citizens at the Medous solle. I am kind and considrt to my frends at play tim. For krismos I wod lik a Santa kostoom so I can pretend that I am giving presints to eveone. Haw doo the elvs get oll the wa to the North pol from my house? Do they hav some mahick in thear hrt that tacs them odmadcle to the north pol. My house has a brick drivway and trees on the riget sid. I wih you a mareecrisamis.

Love Coleman

When Coleman told me he asked Santa for a Santa suit, I told our elf Sparkle to tell Santa that I would buy him the Santa suit. Coleman has worn it several times this holiday season - decorating the Christmas tree, at the party I threw for the city manager’s office, while we delivered presents for Candlelighters, and to school yesterday for his holiday party. He is always a hit in that costume.

Here is a video right after he put it on for the first time.

Coleman and his friend Kefir at school yesterday. Uncle Paul and I had a great time at his party. We helped out with the peppermint relay race by holding stockings while the kids used large spoons to transfer the peppermints from the bowl to our stocking. It was a great assignment because we were able to see all of the kindergartners.

Later that day, we went to the Neon Boneyard for the first time. The kids were free, so I took them along. This picture was taken in front of a big statue of a man shooting pool. Our tour guide thinks he may have a twin somewhere in Montana holding a rake in front of a garden store.


Coleman got a little cold and put on his Santa hat. He is standing in front of part of the Flamingo’s flamingo.


Last weekend we went to the Binion’s holiday party. This year there was a DJ, a band, an ice skating rink, airbrushed t-shirts, caricatures, lots of presents for the kids and a bar for the adults. We thought Coleman’s caricature looked pretty good.


Coleman and Gabby spent some time on the dance floor between activities and eating sweets.


We attended a grandma/mother/grandchild party at TPC with Wendy. Coleman liked taking pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus.


Coleman and Gabby take a break from running around to take a picture.


Gigi, Aunt Jillian, Ian and Morgan came over to help us decorate our tree. It is always fun having family over to decorate for Christmas.

The Gonyas invited us to the rodeo this year. They have front row seats, and it was awesome! As I posted on Facebook about Coleman and Gabby, “This IS their first rodeo.” Coleman spent some time with Gigi Gonya.

We had 23 people over for Thanksgiving. Mari took a great photo of Granny Gigi with the kids.


Coleman always loves hanging out with Alan. He didn’t remember Alan’s name at first and referred to him as “that boy.”

One of the highlights on my birthday was going with Brian to Coleman’s school as his show and tell. Cole was so proud to have us there. I  gave a Power Point presentation on the city of Las Vegas. It was fun showing a picture of Oscar Goodman and asking the class “Does anyone know who this is?” I called on the little boy who said “That’s grandpa!” I showed the kids a picture of the Strip and asked them if they knew what it was. One kid said “New York?” They loved seeing pictures of fire trucks and street sweepers. If only adults were so excited by Power Points!The kids actually oohed and ahhed. And the questions they asked were hilarious - Do you get paid a lot of money? Is your job hard? Is your boss ever mean? I walked away from that experience loving the Meadows and thinking very highly of Coleman’s classmates, who were well mannered, paid attention and raised their hands to ask questions.
Brian showed the class how to gear up for snowboarding. While watching him explain everything to the class, I decided Brian would be a great teacher. His demonstration was way more exciting than my presentation.


He showed the class how you jump in a snowboard.

We had a parent/teacher conference with Ms. Verbon, and Coleman is doing very well in school. The highest mark he can receive in kindergarten is an E+. E stands for “excellent progress.” Coleman scored E+ in math and Spanish. We are very proud of him!

I helped Coleman out with a presentation he and five other classmates did on Ireland. Here he is waiting to give his presentation. Coleman’s section was on geography.


Coleman is still playing the violin, and I think he is enjoying it. He now knows two songs - Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Here is a video of his recital.

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