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Christmas & Birthday #6

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

The end of December through January is always a big time for Coleman since we celebrate Christmas and then his birthday is only 15 days later. We tried to keep his birthday simple this year with 13 kids, five of which are in his kindergarten class. His party was at our house and started with face painting and balloon creations. Then Meadows teacher and friend Rachel Martin facilitated two art projects - a multimedia canvas and painted picture frames. Then they did a pinata in the backyard. The party ended with cake and the kids just running around and doing what they wanted. I think all of the kids had a good time, which was definitely the goal.

Video: Coleman reads his birthday card.

Video: Coleman opens his birthday present.

We celebrated Coleman’s birthday with a small family gathering at the house. I’d post the video of us singing Happy Birthday, but I agree with Brian. It was the worst rendition ever. We actually quit singing on the last line because it was that bad.
Brian bought the Lego train for Coleman, and Cole was really excited about it. The problem is that the pieces often fall apart, and Cole has trouble putting them back together again by himself. On the weekends, it is common for Coleman to say “Dad, I  need your help!” at least 10 times a day. (I’m really glad Brian was the one who picked out the toy and not me!) When he can’t figure it out himself, he gets really annoyed and has the urge to destroy the whole thing. He has been this way with trains since he got his first train set when he wasn’t yet two years old.


Coleman also got a new ski jacket for his birthday. I hope he uses it a lot this year. He has only been skiing once so far.


Coleman was thrilled that his best friend Anna could come over for his party.


His birthday crew watches the pinata get whacked. Pictured are Ali (Anna’s twin who had her face painted like a dog), Milly Pengilly, Gabby, then Kefir, Jimmy Pengilly and Noor.

Coleman gets his chance. There was lots of good stuff in the pinata. It is always fun to watch the kids scramble, kind of like a kid Mardi Gras.

Noor’s Mom was sweet to offer to take a picture of the family. That doesn’t happen often.


After everyone left (around 2:00 p.m.), we opened presents. Jenica gave Coleman a Rebels jersey. This is his dribbling pose.

Initially Christmas morning was great when the kids came down the stairs. It was awesome having everyone over too. The only disappointing part was when Coleman said “I didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas.” I asked him what was it that he didn’t get. He said “I can’t remember. But I know I didn’t get it.” I felt like going Mommy Dearest on him, but I took the  high road.

Here he is with his marble run, which is a really cool toy that can be built a variety of ways.


Coleman and Gabby hug it out. Merry Christmas!


Santa brought a puppet theater to both Coleman and Gabby, but Coleman really wanted to put it in his room. We haven’t put on many shows yet. I hope we will be motivated in the near future. We have five puppets total - a princess, pirate, dragon, doctor and firefighter. We should be able to be pretty creative with those options.

Grandma gave Coleman clothes. She ensures he’s one of the best dressed kids around.


Mari and Roy gave the kids a teepee. It is such a cool gift.


Jenica, Josh and Roma came over on Christmas morning, and Josh took this picture with my camera. I think it turned out really well.


Mari took this picture of Coleman and me.


It always makes me so happy when they are nice to each other.


The night before Christmas, Gigi gave them a gift of pajamas, which they wore on Christmas morning.


Coleman has been reading the Captain Underpants series. Rather, we have been reading them to him, although he could probably read 50-70% of the words in the books. He sometimes likes to pretend he is Captain Underpants. I’m sure he’ll regret that one day.


It was great having Uncle Paul around for a week. He played with the kids a LOT.


Brian got some goofy pics of the kids going wild.




Coleman brings his writing home from school. Here are a few samples:

My Dad and I made a brick house in the yrd.

Can we go to disleland on Sumr brak Dad. Dad sed yes. I tod my sistr Gabby we are goy to dislelad on Sumr brak Gabby sed hrayhray! I Riley did wot too go to Disnlelayd.

After lonch we go to recess. I pay in the sand box with Anna and Ale. We bld a sand casle. WE mike a stem somflags and a door.

Wen I see a tiggr im skard bkos tis teth are sharp. I like tiggr’s bkos I like the strips. I like men tiggrs.

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