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Coleman Loves Farts

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

I guess we’ve hit the stage where talking about poop and farts is really funny to Coleman. Brian and I haven’t been the best about discouraging it until recently, so I guess we are partly to blame.

Brian likes playing “I Like Big Butts” for the kids to dance to, so that would be one example of him encouraging them inappropriately. Check out this video.

My mistake was allowing Coleman to purchase a card for his Daddy on his birthday. The kid memorized it immediately and still talks about it daily. “Dad, I’d just like to say you’re a great farter! Oops . . . I meant father. You’re a real gassy fellow! Oops . . . I meant classy. No man alive has a bigger fart! Oops . . . I meant heart. I’d continue, but it’s only gonna get worse. Happy Birthday. I love you , Coleman and Gabby.” When he recites it, he always includes the I love you, Coleman and Gabby.

Over the past few weeks, Coleman has been intently copying a comic strip from his Captain Underpants book. He incorporated Gabby into the story as the mayor. When I took the time to actually look at what he’d drawn, I was blown away. He spent at least 2 hours at our table writing and drawing, which was all his idea. Here’s a video of him talking about his project.

Brian and I weren’t able to attend Coleman’s Chinese New Year celebration at the Forum Shops, so Grandma Wendy went to support Coleman. He is always happy to see Grandma at his school events.


Coleman enjoyed painting a table at the February First Friday.


He also enjoyed this snow cone until he sloshed it all over himself while riding in the stroller on the way back to the car.


Coleman spent time with his dad on his 35th birthday.


We had brunch at Poppy Den a few weeks ago, and they hand out books to entertain kids during their meal. Coleman was given Cat in the Hat and was able to read it himself. I was thrilled!


Coleman wrote and illustrated the following sentences in school last week.

My sistr is a BIG tattetale. One time my sistr and I where in my mom and dads shawr. When we started to fite. Then my sistr told on me.

Some times I get mail in my mailbox. I get hilits (Highlights) and stof. My momy and dady get envlops and stof.

When I go to Moutcharstin (Mount Charleston) it dos not snow. One time I wint to Moutcharstin thar was a ton of snowflake. - Brian has taken Coleman to Mount Charleston several times this year. Once they went when there was a ton of fresh snow, and Coleman had a difficult time skiing down the mountain. His skis just can’t maneuver through piles of snow. It’s been 85 degrees during the day this week, and Brian took Coleman skiing yesterday. Coleman loved it because he could go super fast. He did the most runs he has ever done at Mount Charleston in one day - seven.

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