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Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Coleman’s reading ability is really coming along, and we found out yesterday at our parent/teacher conference that Coleman is reading at the 2nd grade level. He is in the top third of his class in this area. Apparently, he’s pretty good at reading comprehension because he “gets” things in stories that others don’t get. I am currently reading Harry Potter to him at bedtime, and there is definitely a lot of reading comprehension involved in that story for a six year old!
As for his third quarter report card, he improved in six areas and had lower scores in five areas. His improvements were in: the academic ambition skills category which included an improvement in “works independently,” penmanship/handwriting, number facts and accuracy in the mathematics category, oral reading and science/computer. The areas he needs to improve are demonstrates responsible behavior (Coleman often blames others when he doesn’t get things right like “so and so got me in trouble”), listens attentively, is respectful at all times, music and physical education. I asked Ms. Verbon what one thing he should work on, and she said he needs to be more focused in class and less silly with his classmates. I’m at a loss as to how we can help him besides identify the behavior when it’s happening at home and remind him at drop off to pay attention in class. Coleman’s not the perfect student, but who wants that? I’m very proud of his accomplishments so far this year.

A lot has happened since my last blog post. Or rather, we’ve taken a lot of pictures since my last post.
Coleman attended Tatiana and Lorenzo’s party at the Mini Grand Prix and drove his own race car. See how focused he is! Brian gave me a pass and let me stay home to work out.

Coleman will hang out with Gabby when she attends birthday parties for his friends. Gabby doesn’t often return the favor at her friends’ parties.


We had the Dixons over for a play date before they moved to Baltimore. A good time was had by all.

I don’t think Grandma had this in mind when she bought Coleman this swimsuit. Heck, I had no idea Brian would be cool with turning our backyard into a mud pit. In retrospect, I’m glad it happened because we are having it re-sodded.

Pop and Madi came to visit during Spring Break. This was taken the night they arrived after driving all of the way from Meridian, Mississippi.
Coleman showed off his tennis skills at Bob Baskin Park.



Coleman has some loose teeth and lost his first one on the night of March 23. The tooth fairy brought him $5. The next one to go will be a front tooth.

We took the kids to see Shrek the Musical at the Smith Center. They loved it. If Coleman’s pose was an indication, you’d have thought we just saw Saturday Night Fever.

We visited Hoover Dam during Pop and Madi’s visit. This was taken on the O’Callaghan-Tillman bridge.


Coleman loves his mommy (for now).


It was fun being a tourist. See how much Coleman is enjoying it?

I’m not sure what this flower is, but it was blooming everywhere.


Pop and Coleman on top of Hoover Dam.


It was a perfect day to be at the Hoover Dam. It was a little warm but not nearly what it will be in the summer.

Group photo with Madi and the bridge in the background.


Jenica, Josh and Roma came over for dinner that evening. Baby Roma won’t be a baby for long! The hand patting Roma’s head is Gabby’s.

Later on, Coleman played his violin and I accompanied him.

On Pop and Madi’s last day, we went to the Stratosphere. Coleman and Gabby loved it.


This is Coleman watching Pop and me ride the Big Shot and represents how I felt.

Later that day we did the Red Rock Tanks trail. Cole insisted on bringing his Captain America shield.

I was really proud that Coleman hiked the entire trail without having to be carried once. He knows we are in training for our summer trip, and that this hike was a “test.” Too bad Gabby didn’t get the same memo.

This is the end of the trail - a great view of Las Vegas. The last time I hiked this trail I was seven months pregnant with Coleman. It’s hard to believe it had been that long ago.

Pop and Madi - Thanks for a great Spring Break trip to Las Vegas!

On the Friday of Spring Break, we took the kids to eat dim sum at Noodles and then to the conservatory. Coleman loves his swamp monster t-shirt that Gigi bought for him in New Orleans.

He also really loves his sister. Awwwwww.


Gabby’s 4th birthday party was at the new Discovery Children’s Museum. Coleman always loves hanging with his classmate Noor, whose brother Mehrzad is in Gabby’s class.


The next day was Easter, and Coleman had just gotten a look at his Easter basket.


Then he dyed eggs with his daddy and sister.

And then off to the Binion’s house for an Easter party and egg hunt. Coleman made a killing finding “hidden” eggs. It was a bit embarrassing. This is only about one-third of what he scored.

Since it was Easter and Gabby’s birthday, we let them go wild on the sugar. Ice cream sundae, anyone?


Last weekend, we all made our first trip to the Valley of Fire State Park (Brian had been before but not since high school). Even though we did a short hike, the kids got red-faced. It’s too bad they got my complexion rather than Brian’s.


Thanks for reading!

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