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Three Teeth Gone

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

When it rains, it pours, or in Coleman’s case, teeth practically start falling out of his mouth. He lost his second tooth (top) to Dulce’s hand on April 22, and Brian pulled his third tooth (bottom) a few days later. I started wondering who had taken my son and left this bum in his place. Arrrgh!

He loved poking his tongue threw the holes in his mouth. Coleman’s gaping hole reminded me of an eel. That one tooth left a BIG hole.

The kids love going to the office, partly because Mari has created a little paradise for them in her office. Coleman is the president of bees, and Gabby is the president of books. It should probably be the other way around at this point!

I hope they are this happy when they have to go to a real office one day.

We went hiking with the Fortunovs in Calico Basin several weeks ago. The kids found a cave that they enjoyed hanging out in.


Jenica and Josh brought Roma over for dinner. She is growing so fast.


Coleman and Gabby perused the book that Gabby made for me for Mother’s Day. Coleman made me a pretty awesome book as well. In fact, it was a highlight of stories he’d written me, which is pretty special to get from your 6 year old who is just learning to read and write.

Coleman took a picture with me after his school program “To Roam the Seven Continents.” Yes, I have lost weight.

He also had an end-of-year violin recital. Check out the video.

We took a family trip to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend. One of the highlights was a catamaran tour of San Francisco Bay. Here is Coleman pulling up the sail.


Here is he with Alcatraz in the background. We didn’t do a tour on this trip since the kids aren’t really old enough to understand the audio tour.

He enjoyed surfing on the net. Gabby lost a shoe through that net about an hour later.


Someone was kind enough to offer to take a family photo.


Mr. Snaggle Tooth with San Francisco in the background.

They even let him drive the boat. Insane!


We started our Saturday off by taking a trip on the cable car. The best time to ride a cable car in SF is on a Saturday at 7:30 a.m.

I’m always thankful for a family photo.

After breakfast we visited the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. Coleman was tickled to death when a butterfly landed on him and spent the next 10 minutes trying to get more butterflies to land.


Later on we walked down Haight and saw a sign for Cole street.


On Sunday we hiked with Eric, Kathleen, Dane (8), Will and Wyatt (1) Houssels on the Lands End Trail.


We made the kids walk some more that afternoon right to the fountain across from the ferry building.


On our last day, we broke down and gave the kids some quality time in the sand at the beach looking out at Alcatraz. Some crazy swimmers jumped into the picture.


Coleman and Gabby could have spent hours playing in the wet sand.


Coleman and Gabby were excellent travelers during our SF trip. I told them it was a dry run for our camping trip this summer, and they passed the test. Guess we are going!

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