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Perdido Trip 2013

Friday, September 6th, 2013

We headed off to the beach in mid-August to spend time with Pop and Madi. It was a great time to be at the beach since all of the Southern chillins are back in school. We had no agenda while we were there except to spend time on the beach, eat a lot of fresh seafood and just relax. Mission definitely accomplished.

Thank you to Madi for taking almost all of the pictures. She got some good ones!
It takes a whole day to get to the Gulf from Las Vegas. Next year it will be easier because Southwest will fly to Pensacola. We left our house at 8:30 a.m. and arrived at the condo in Perdido around 9:30 p.m. We had to fly to Birmingham, and then drive four hours in the rain. The next day, the kids were up bright and early to go play in the Gulf.

Our major activity each day involved digging holes. I didn’t participate until the third day when I realized, “Hey, this is actually fun!” The guy in charge of umbrellas and chairs had to fill the holes in each night because someone could break a neck if they accidentally stepped while it was dark.

The kids got to spend lots of time on their devices, which came in handy when we were trying to figure out how to do origami. Madi made every last animal while the kids watched.

Bed head has a whole new meaning when you are in Gulf of Mexico humidity.


Contemplating their next move.

Coleman is such a goof ball. I wonder who he got that from? (Note the two gentlemen behind him.)

Pop and Madi bought the kids boogie boards. Coleman chose a rainbow dolphin while Gabby went for the shark. They would have like to bring them back to Vegas, but had no good reason when I asked “Why?”

Day #2 hole. I think this was the day when Brian used the shovel I bought at the grocery store for $4. He broke it after a few minutes. He forgot it was a shovel for sand, not a real shovel.

Coleman and Gabby love their Pop.

Coleman is obviously proud of whatever this is on his right. I can’t remember what it was.

Triumphant! Another good day at the beach.

Madi got great action shots of Coleman jumping waves.

img_0270.JPG   img_0273.JPG
Our condo has the best views of Perdido. Also note that this tennis camp shirt is Coleman’s favorite shirt of the summer.
Our favorite nighttime activity was hunting for sand crabs. We caught a couple of monsters too! One night I think we caught at least 30 sand crabs of various sizes. There was a lot of squealing and laughing going on as we chased them down.

Madi took this pic from our 17th floor condo.


On our third day at the beach, I decided to help dig the biggest hole yet. We dug two holes with a trench between them. We got a kick out of yelling “Fire in the hole!”


On the last day we thought we’d spend time on the beach, but the water was too rough. Pop got in with the kids while the waves whipped them around. It was the only time I was worried about an undertow, so we convinced them to get out and spent time at the pool instead.

A storm was brewing right before we left for the airport. It was good we left when we did.

Thank you Pop and Madi for making the trip so easy for us. We had a great time!


We had a fried chicken lunch in Montgomery at Martin’s and had to check out the capitol building on the way. This was our second capitol sighing of the summer. The other was in Helena, Montana.

A few weeks before our trip to the South, Jenica had us over for a pool party. We always love going to her house. She is the hostess with the mostess.

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