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Sweet Nevada!

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Coleman just made his fourth trip to Disneyland over Nevada Day weekend. He was tall enough to ride all of the rides. He rode the super fast roller coaster California Screamin’ for the first time as well as Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. On our first thrill ride of the trip on the Tower of Terror, Coleman thought it’d be appropriate to scream “Sweet Nevada!” during the free fall. He told me that he just made it up, but I really think he said it in honor of Nevada Day. He did it on all of the thrill rides, and I cracked up each and every time.


Coleman loved Autopia since he got to drive his own car. He wasn’t able to reach the gas pedal, so I got to control that.

If only it could be this good when he really learns how to drive.


Coleman begged me to buy him this hat. I put him off for a few days and asked him to think about it because it was so impractical. He ended up getting a Mickey Mouse watch instead, and I think we are both happier with that decision.


I liked this hat better, but he wasn’t that into it. He could have at least worn this skiing. I don’t know what you do with a blue cone hat once you leave Disneyland.

Coleman’s friends from school, Anna and Ali, were vising Disney too, along with their brother Markie. Coleman was in heaven having friends to play with, especially since he doesn’t get lots of friend time outside of school. They snagged a bunch of buttons while we were at brunch that said things like “Happily Ever After,” “First Time” and “Happy Birthday.” If you walk around Disney with a Happy Birthday pin on, you can be assured many many people will wish you happy birthday.

It’s a Coleman sandwich!

We all dressed up for Mickey’s Halloween Bash. Coleman was a ninja, and his Daddy was DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba. Which one do you think got more attention?

Coleman’s loved the trick or treating hand bag he found at Target.

This picture was taken near Splash Mountain, right before we called it quits for the afternoon. It was a typical Saturday at Disneyland - CROWDED.

Even though they had cotton candy after lunch, we were still able to get them to take a nap by telling them we weren’t going back to the park until they slept. Now that’s motivation!

Radiator Springs lit up at night.

We spent a bit of time in this area because it was near the beer vendors.


Brian and I had the opportunity to help out with Coleman’s Halloween party at school. Here he is with his friend Ryan. After facilitating a small game with six kids at a time, I had much more respect for what Coleman’s teacher has to go though every single day.

Our little ninja.

I was thankful to be able to leave work for a few hours to spend some time at Coleman’s school.


We trick or treated in the Rancho Nevada neighborhood with Helen and Rachel Martin’s home as our base. I think the kids had more fun handing out candy at Helen’s home than actually trick or treating.

Coleman is so lucky to have Rachel as his after school art teacher and occasional art tutor.

Lots of teenagers were trick or treating, and if they weren’t in costume, they had to dance for candy. Coleman made sure they were informed before ringing the bell.


Our work here is done. Time to go home and pass out!

Coleman’s costume arrived by mail several weeks before Halloween. He jumped around and whooped when he opened the package, showing more excitement than I see on Christmas morning.

I wish I would have gotten a video of him practicing karate in his ninja costume.

Coleman usually has a karate lesson at the house on Thursdays. They love karate lessons with Matt Pynch. And I love someone else being in charge of them for a while. They actually listen to Matt!

Check out this video to get a sense of Coleman’s athleticism or maybe just a sense of what he will do to get a cupcake.

He is also a pretty good yogi. This was taken at the Plasters’ favorite studio - Blue Sky at the Arts Factory.

After several months of working with Ms. Jennifer Morette, Coleman’s hard work and persistence is beginning to pay off. This is our practice spot in my bedroom, and Coleman is showing off his beautiful bow hold. He’s also showing off the tie-dyed shirt Madi made for him.

Yesterday was the first day Coleman read a book while I read the newspaper. (This has been a dream of mine ever since he was born.) He read for 30 minutes by himself. The Meadows strongly suggests he read on his own for 5 hours each month. I think by the end of the school year, he’ll want to read more than that just because he’ll get into what he’s reading. The important thing will be finding him books that he won’t want to put down that are at his reading level.

Coleman got the first good citizenship award for the year for his class of 18 students. Two students in each class get the award at a time. Note that girls are usually the first to get the award.

To say that I am proud of this accomplishment is an understatement.

We entered Little Lucy Plaster into a dog contest at the city of Las Vegas 2nd Annual Employee Picnic. Lucy was dressed up as a French Maid. We thought she had a good chance of winning. When she didn’t win, Gabby was beside herself. Coleman was also sad and worried that Lucy’s feelings were hurt. He held it together though, unlike his little sis.

We made a trip to Color Me Mine one weekend while Brian watched football. Coleman loves this place.

We hiked at Calico with the Fortunovs during the federal government shutdown. We didn’t want to risk getting ticketed for being in a national park during the shutdown, so we hiked on a trail away from Red Rock. It was a short hike, which was exactly what the kids prefer.

There was still a bit of moodiness at the end of the hike. I can’t remember what it was about, but I know they got over it quickly. We went to see a Choreographer’s Showcase with Nevada Ballet Theatre and Cirque later that day, and the kids were very well behaved during the hour and a half performance.

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