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Coleman Turns 7!

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Coleman always begins a new year with a birthday. It is difficult to believe that my baby is now 7 years old. We celebrated by having the Plasters and Gigi over for dinner.

Coleman had an Iron Man Baskin Robbins peanut butter and chocolate ice cream cake for dessert. Luckily for me, it wasn’t difficult to persuade him on getting my favorite cake!

Gabby’s always a little jealous when it is Coleman’s birthday, but she gets over that when it’s cake time.

Coleman received a few Lego sets from the Plaster grandparents, which begs the question - Will he ever get sick of getting Legos?
Even with all of his fancy Lego sets, Coleman continues to play with Duplos.


Instead of a birthday party, Coleman got a play date. He never gets to go on play dates, so this was a big treat for him. Brian took Coleman and Evan Mulkey to lunch at In-N-Out and laser tag, and they finished the afternoon by hanging out at the house.


We celebrated Jillian’s birthday a few weeks later.


Brian has taken Coleman skiing twice so far this season. Brian would like to take him more often, but Cole often wants to sit around the house on the weekends and “do nothing.” I know the feeling!

1st Video of Day One

2nd Video of Day One

Video of Day Two
Chillin’ like a villain.


My cousin Lindsay and her husband Tony were in town, so we all had lunch at Spago because you can never go wrong there. The food is always good.

The whole family took a weekend ride around the neighborhood - not a single training wheel in sight!

Coleman continues his karate practice with Matt Pynch. Watch this video of him practicing some self defense.

As far as extracurricular activities go, Coleman spends much of his free time reading his Kindle, practicing his violin and playing Minion Rush on Brian’s old iPad. Last month he read on his own for seven hours (the suggested amount of time is five hours). With regard to violin, he has completed 50 practice sessions (30 minutes each) and another 15 practice sessions since the end of summer, which is maybe one-third of what he should actually be doing. I want him to keep playing so I don’t push him too much. His reward for 50 sessions was a cuckoo clock, and I have to admit that I love that silly little clock. It plays a different song every hour, and I think it’s a very fitting reward; he received music for playing music. I wish it was my idea, but it was actually Coleman’s.

On a final note, Coleman has now lost seven teeth. He didn’t want anyone to pull out his seventh tooth, and it just fell out on its own. I’m glad he didn’t eat it like the tooth he lost over the summer when we were in Yellowstone! Watch the video of him talking about losing teeth. (Note that he finally got a haircut. He coudn’t stand that hair was always in his face.)

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