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Teacher Coleman

Monday, May 12th, 2014

One of my favorite recent moments of Coleman was when I suggested he give advice to Gabby who will be entering kindergarten soon. He told her that if she wants to be a good citizen, she has to be respectful to people, try not to brag, listen to the teacher and do what the teacher says the first time, not after the millionth time. He also went over phonics with her - a, apple, ah, b, ball, buh, etc. I’m looking forward to listening in on more conversations between those two.
Coleman performed in the Junior Festival and got a superior rating. I found out later that everyone gets a superior rating!


He also performed in his school program. The theme was respect.

I have to admit that programs were a bit more entertaining at the Beginning School, probably because there’s more dancing and little kids tend to be cuter.

Coleman was thrilled when Spring Break arrived because he thought he was going to get to do what he wanted to do 100% of the time. Wrong! Pop and Madi were in town, so we did a few activities each day. On the first day I had Leadership Las Vegas. Everyone else went to the Container Park and had gelato at Art of Flavors.


Coleman ran into his friend Ryan while at the Container Park.


The next day I did a triathlon at Lake Mead. The kids came out to watch me transition from bike to running. Then they relaxed in the lake while I ran six miles in 90 degree heat. It was brutal.


I think we were all glad when it was over.

Coleman’s new favorite thing to do is hang out in his “tree house.” Brian painted it, installed a window, a shelf and a door, put down carpet, gave him some electricity, and strung some Christmas lights. Coleman also put velcro on the wall and his Kindle so he can sit on the bench in the tree house and watch movies. There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors!

Coleman didn’t complain at all about riding bikes in Peccole Ranch. Mari came out with Scooter and Gizmo to visit with us.


Gabby, Madi and Coleman


Coleman enjoys the simpler things in life, like climbing a tree.


Later that day, my friend Ashley came to the house to give me a massage. Coleman’s neck has been hurting him (too much time with the iPhone or Kindle), so he got a short massage too.


We rode on the High Roller while Pop and Madi were in town. This was taken before we got on the observation wheel.


It would have been a perfect ride except Gabby knocked the last of Brian’s beer over on the floor.


We posed for a group photo on Pop and Madi’s last night in town. We always have a good time when they come out to visit.

Coleman got his annual check up during Spring Break. He is very healthy and in the 50th percentile for height and weight.

He and Gabby goofed it up while waiting for Dr. Al.


Coleman and Gabby had another great Easter, probably because they still believe a bunny brings them treats. Watch the video of Coleman and Gabby discovering their Easter baskets.

Coleman got a disco ball for his tree house.


We had Easter lunch at the Binion’s, which we always enjoy.


Gigi came along and had a good time too.


The kids couldn’t have stuffed one more egg in their Easter baskets.


Coleman showing off his loot.


One of the best things Coleman has been doing over the past two months is practicing violin on his own. He’s beginning to feel like it’s his responsibility to remember to practice, and he’s been improving a lot faster. He will also play songs he’s learning on the violin on the keyboard that Pop and Madi gave him for Christmas. I’m really pleased with the tone he gets out of his violin.

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