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Living Large

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Coleman has had a very busy Spring so far. His schedule goes something like this: swimming and violin lessons on Mondays, art with Rachel Martin on Tuesdays, tennis lessons at the Las Vegas Country Club on Wednesdays and flag football practice on Thursdays with a game on Saturday mornings. And there are so many other things I wish he had time for! He complains a bit about being busy so we let him have some much needed vegging out time on the weekends. His new obsession is Minecraft. He checks books out of the library to understand how to navigate the game better, and it sounds like most of the kids at his school play Minecraft too.

With regard to sports, Coleman absolutely loves flag football. He has scored one touchdown so far and an extra point in a different game. I believe he’s played five games total. When I was pregnant with Coleman, I recall saying that I’d never let my kid play football, but now that I see how much joy it gives him, it would be very difficult for me to toe the no football line.

I wish he would keep the happy attitude you see in this picture during all of his games. He takes it pretty hard when they are losing and when they’ve actually lost. They are currently at 1 win and 4 losses, so there’s been a decent amount of frustration, tears and general sulking.


Coleman had his first violin recital at his new teacher, Helene Kamen’s house. Coleman likes having opportunities to wear the suit that Grandma Wendy bought him.


Coleman and his violin buddy Johnny like goofing off together during their monthly group lesson.


Coleman has seen two symphonies perform at The Smith Center recently. He saw Michael Tilson Thomas conduct the London Symphony Orchestra. They played Four Sea Interludes by Britten and Concerto in F by Gershwin with Yuja Wang on the piano. She was a sight to see in her short black dress. Coleman knew he wouldn’t be able to make it through the second half so we left at intermission. We were just glad we got to see the Gershwin piece. A few weeks ago we saw the Las Vegas Philharmonic play The Chairman Dances by John Adams, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Sergei Rachmaninoff and Symphony No. 5 in E Minor by Tchaikovsky. I feel incredible joy at having an eight year old who will go see classical music with me. I think he actually enjoys it and feels grown up since most of the people who attend are older (older than me even!).

This was the first time we were in the nose bleed seats. We bought our tickets pretty late for the London Symphony Orchestra.


Kids are always amazed by the Self Playing Piano.


This is a wonderful picture of Grandma Wendy and not so great of Coleman.


Jenica took Coleman on an outing as a birthday present, and I think Coleman really enjoyed having time with just Jenica, Roma and Nicolina. Here are Roma and Coleman at the Shark Reef. I love Roma’s big smile!


The Meadows second graders are in charge of the annual bake sale, and my bright idea was to make Angry Bird cookies. Well, Dulce executed this idea and spent at least 20 hours making about 120 cookies. Overall, we spent at minimum $400 to make $120 at the bake sale = not my best business decision. When it’s Gabby’s turn, I’m taking a page out of another parent’s book and selling lemonade in LED lighted cups.


I guess you can’t put a price on a happy boy and his interactive cookie booth (Brian’s idea, and it was a hit).


Our friends Ed and Liz were in town, and we met them at Yardbird at the Venetian. I had to take a picture of the Year of the Ram display. The Believe the Hype shirt is courtesy of Deb Bresnahan.


We spent President’s Day weekend in Breckenridge with Morgan, Tappan, Raymond and Harry Vickery. This pile of snow was right outside of the house we rented.


Brian decided it’d be silly to try to fit skiing in on the last day, especially since it took twice as long to get off the mountain the day before. We spent some time walking around town and had a yummy burger lunch.


Pop and Madi came to Vegas for the second half of Spring Break, and we made our annual trek to the Bellagio. We always have a great time when they visit and try to fit in lots of activities. We also got some good time in with our new projection system and watched Big and Interstellar with Coleman. He thoroughly enjoyed both.


I hope Pop’s love of gardening rubs off on at least one kid. I think it’s pretty likely since Brian is the conduit.


After our Noodles dim sum lunch, we walked around the Strip. The kids particularly enjoyed the Aria fountain near the Strip valet. What posers!


We all went on our first helicopter ride of the Strip that Brian won at the Nevada Ballet Theatre’s Black and White Ball silent auction.


Coleman got to sit in the front of the helicopter between the pilot and Brian.


We hiked the Oak Creek Trail the next day. Coleman took this hike very seriously.


He and Gabby had a lot of fun playing by the creek.


We took a group photo before heading back towards the car.


We are lucky to have such great mountains just a short drive out of town and great weather for hiking.


He may not always show it, but he really does love his sister.


Wendy and Richard took us out to dinner at Cleo. I took this picture and inadvertently cut Richard completely out of it. He was standing right beside Wendy! It was probably that third drink that did it.


The Easter bunny left a trail of yarn from each kid’s bedroom with gifts along the way that ended in their Easter baskets. I thought this was pretty clever, but the kids got a bit frustrated trying to untangle the yarn as they followed the trail.


The Easter bunny is a bit overzealous when leaving huge baskets of chocolate.


All dressed up to go to the Binion Easter Party.


There were too many eggs, and Coleman made at least one trip to the minivan to dump his bucket so he could gather more eggs.


Uncle Morgan joined in on the fun.


Coleman and Gigi


Coleman and me


We celebrated Lady Pengilly’s birthday by bowling at Red Rock. Coleman and Jimmy and Billy Pengilly are going to be lifelong friends. Mark my words.


Coleman’s 2nd grade school picture. It could be worse.


Coleman has been complaining about his neck hurting for at least two years now. Doctor Al and others theorized that it was from playing violin, but since Coleman doesn’t even play that much, I pretty much ruled that idea out. He does, however, play on devices a LOT, and now when we see him craning his neck down, we remind him and he adjusts his posture. I’ve also started taking him to John Grimes, a chiropractor, and Coleman gets giddy with excitement when he gets his back cracked. As you can see from this photo, his spine is a bit curved, and luckily for him, it’s not too late to fix it. I have a curved spine too, and it is too late for me.


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