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Summer 2015

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Coleman had a pretty great summer. Besides the birth of his first first cousin, he also spent a week in Oregon where he attended his first two Phish shows, spent a week in Florida with Pop and Madi, attended three different camps (several weeks of Johnny Lane’s tennis camp at the Las Vegas Country Club, one week at Mirabelli’s football camp, one week at Kim Bavington’s downtown art camp), spent five days with Grandma and Grandpa in L.A, swam in his new backyard swimming pool and traveled to Mississippi with me for my 20th high school reunion. He also read seven books for school and played hours and hours of video games. Not too shabby.

We drove to Bend, Oregon, for our summer road trip. We made it to Reno the first night, and then our next day was spent at Crater Lake. The first thing we did was take a tour of Crater Lake, which involved a one-mile hike down to the lake.


Coleman pretends to meditate on top of the minivan.


We really enjoyed our campsite. Ashley Godfrey camped with us but I spaced taking her picture.


These pictures were taken at the lodge.




Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. Our tour guide said you could stack the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument on top of each other, and you would still be 100 feet short of the lake’s surface. The color of the water was incredible.


Coleman had a blast at the Phish shows, which I felt were the most kid friendly shows I’ve ever been to. They started at 6:00, ended at 10:00 and lots of families attended. Coleman made friends with a little boy named Trey, and Trey’s parents sought Coleman out the next day so Coleman could play with him during the show. Brian and I were very happy that Coleman had such a good time.


On the second night we stood by a group with all kinds of stuff to play with like streamers, confetti and blowup unicorns. During First Tube, they brought out a giant blown up pretzel, and Coleman held it over his head while on Brian’s shoulders. From now on, this song will be known as Coleman’s pretzel song.


One thing we found memorable about Bend was killer breakfasts. We had four really great breakfasts, one of which was at the Original Pancake House that we used to eat at all of the time in Las Vegas until the one near our house on Charleston burned down. This meal was at McKay Cottage Restaurant.


We spent an afternoon at Sunriver biking their trail system and hanging out at their water park.


We drove to the top of Mt Bachelor on our last day in Bend and weren’t prepared for how cold it was. It was definitely not shorts weather! We went up the ski lift, looked around a bit, and then came right back down.



This is the first time Brian got in the pool. Coleman and Gabby had already gotten in when it was about three feet full. We now have their footprints permanently embedded in the plaster that coats the pool bottom.


Brian yelled at them for getting in the pool when they weren’t supposed to, but the joy of having a new pool overshadowed getting in trouble.


The first weekend we had our pool, Brian went to San Diego with a friend and Gabby went to L.A. with Wendy and Richard, so Coleman and I had a pool party with Gigi, Jillian, Ezra, Mari, Morgan, and the Westermans.


I think Roma likes our pool as much as we do.


Mari brought over a huge swan that she had to blow up twice because she underestimated how big it was. It didn’t fit in her car when fully inflated. We are still using the swan but it no longer has wings, likely due to our rose bushes. The kids have had a lot of fun on this swan.


I think Aunt Jillian and Ezra love the pool as much as we do.


Grandma Wendy took this picture of Coleman while they were in L.A. She thinks he’s a beautiful kid, and I have to agree.


We took our forth trip to Perdido, Florida, to spend a week with Pop and Madi, but it was the first time we visited the  Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. Madi got a great picture of Coleman in a Blue Angels plane.


We are not crooks!


Not his future profession I hope.


The Blue Angels air show was really impressive.


One of Coleman’s favorite things to do at the beach is dig holes.


Gabby helped a little.


We sailed on a Wildheart cruise.


They always let the kiddos drive the boat.


We took some final photos before heading to the Pensacola airport.



Coleman and I went to Meridian, Mississippi, for my high school reunion. We took a little tour of Meridian on our first day there and stopped at the courthouse. There was a checkpoint and metal detector at the elevator that we bypassed, and no one said anything. I guess we didn’t look dangerous.


I had to take a picture in front of City Hall, even though I don’t think I’ve ever stepped foot inside the building. It is a nice looking City Hall, though.


I liked to call this tour a little history of Maggie. I spent three years at St. Patrick’s Catholic School, so we stopped for a visit. I think Cole enjoyed seeing other kids in school while he played hooky. The original parts of the school look as good as they did when I attended, and the new areas were really nice. I was glad to see that some parts of Meridian are improving.


Coleman got his first pedicure.


We checked out Gigi’s old house that she is hoping will sell one day. Real estate is not a hot commodity in Meridian.


It’s definitely a buyer’s market.


Weidmann’s Restaurant is the best place to eat in Meridian. We had Sunday brunch there and Paul came over from Jackson for the day. It will be a long time before we see Paul in Mississippi again because Uncle Paul is moving to Las Vegas. Watch out!


We also got to spend some time with Madi’s son Todd, Kim and their new baby Neely. Madi babysits Neely most days of the week so Coleman got to play with her a lot. He is going to be a great babysitter one day.


Coleman kayaked at Dalewood with Pop.


We lounged on rafts. It was very shallow here AND slimy, so rafts were highly necessary.


Coleman fed catfish.


Coleman and Gabby are on the 49ers flag football team organized out of the Mirabelli Community Center. I have the best time watching their games.


Coleman’s Cousin Ava came to visit us from L.A. last weekend. The kids love having her around.


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