Mr. Precocious

Brian and Coleman were driving down the freeway today on the way home from school. They passed a guy getting arrested on the other side of the freeway by four highway patrolmen. Brian pointed it out to Coleman, and as usual, he missed the guy getting arrested, but he did see the cop cars. Coleman then said “I wish life were like a movie so I could pause it.” Now that’s precocious! This is Grandma Wendy’s favorite adjective for Coleman.

We spent a week in Perdido, Florida, at the end of summer vacation to meet up with my Dad and Deb. This was our third year doing this trip, and it just keeps getting better. Deb spends weeks planning and getting stuff together, and she has it down pat. We had everything we needed and then some. The only things we had to do were go to Joe Patty’s for seafood (Brian went three times), and hit the grocery and liquor stores, We ate every meal at the condo. This year we ventured out on a sailboat cruise twice, and we had it to ourselves on the first trip. We’ve talked about spending our week together in places other than Perdido, but it’s hard to pass up a “sure thing,” which is a vacation that all ages can enjoy.

Coleman and Gabby have their backpacks on and are ready to drive to the airport. Brian and I took some time to think back on our previous travels with the kids via long airplane rides. We both agree that it’s a heck of a lot easier now. They were REALLY well behaved on our two flights to get to Pensacola AND the three hours we spent in the Nashville airport. They actually looked this happy when the trip was over!

Pop and Coleman spent lots of time on the beach together.


Madi made them an extra special palm tree breakfast.


We dug some holes this year, but never got quite as crazy as last year. Brian heard that a couple of people suffocated this summer after the sand walls around the holes they dug at the beach closed in on them. That’s all the encouragement I needed to not dig deep holes.

The captain of our sailboat spent five years working in St. Johns, and he said the water in the Gulf this year was more Caribbean-like than he’d ever seen.


This is our first Wild Hearts cruise when we had the sailboat to ourselves.


Sweet boy.

Towards the end of the cruise, the staff brought out the water guns. I was thankful that Coleman and Gabby stuck to spraying each other and their Dad (not me!).

We had to walk on a very long dock to get to the boat. It made me nervous to think about the kids falling in the marsh on either side.

Coleman spent lots of time in the Palacio pool. I’m starting to think I need to get him on a swim team.


Madi took some great shots of Coleman jumping over waves.


I am amazed at how tan he gets even after we slathered on sunscreen several times a day. He definitely is the most apt to get tan out of the four of us.

He loved the sailboat, especially the Wild Heart sail.
img_4231.JPG img_4217.JPG

On our second cruise, we saw LOTS of dolphins, and we spent some time playing in the water. Coleman was totally cool with jumping off of the side.


I love summer vacation as much as the kids. They love it because they aren’t always busy with homework and activities, and they get to watch lots of TV and play games on devices. I love it because it’s the only time I get to spend multiple days straight with my family.


Our whole group. Thanks Dad and Deb for another great trip!

When we returned from our trip, we had a play date with the Pengillys at the Las Vegas Country Club. Even though their pool is very old and gets little action, it was fun having it to ourselves.

We took the dogs on a hike at Mount Charleston. Poor Lenny and Lucy rarely get to go anywhere but Dulce’s house and the vet.


Coleman and Gabby ready for their first day of 2nd grade and Kindergarten.


Coleman and Gabby have been taking karate for a few years now. They also like to dance. Watch the video.

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