There may not yet be a name for Coleman and Gabby’s generation - I’ve heard iGeneration and Generation Z thrown around - but Coleman’s outlook on life is way different than what my outlook was at his age. He has a sense of entitlement and what he perceives as “fair.” I think this will be our biggest struggle with Coleman. When is it okay to let him be independent, and when should we be authoritative? He hates the latter and doesn’t really understand why we have to “tell him what to do.” I’ve tried to explain that I wouldn’t tell him what to do if he knew what he was supposed to be doing. He also feels that if Brian and I buy ourselves something, like a new iPhone, he should get it too. And I contend that when he has a job and is paying his way in life, he can get whatever he can afford at that time. It’s a harsh truth, but he hasn’t yet understood that we aren’t yet equals. He needs us to survive. I wonder if this is why he’s always thinking of ways to make money?! (Full disclosure: I read this whole paragraph to Coleman, and he was okay with me posting it.)

We took the kids to Austin, Texas, for a wedding and to see our friends who live there. Coleman arrived well over a day after Gabby and I got there. One of the first things we did the next day was have BBQ in East Austin with Hampton. Coleman said “The BBQ was pretty good, but there were a bunch of mosquitoes.” I believe there were flies. The poor kid doesn’t yet know the difference.


We took him to a toy store and bought him a Rubik’s cube. Here he is in our hotel room trying to solve it.


Coleman made another friend at Stephanie and Amanda’s wedding who also had a sister. According to Coleman, they both enjoyed running away from their sisters.


Coleman and Gabby had a great time at the wedding. The photo booth kept them entertained for hours.







We spent the next morning at the McGlashans for brunch. Coleman spent some time at the easel.


A group photo of the people who made life great while I lived in Austin.


We welcomed the newest member of the Westerman family - Nicolina.


Coleman attended the Nevada Sesquicentennnial event with me at The Smith Center. We ran into some Cirque performers before going in.


We had a nice weekend brunch at MTO across from City Hall. Coleman is not a big fan of eating out, but he had no complaints about this place, especially since they have lemon poppyseed pancakes.


Brian attended Coleman’s Halloween party at The Meadows.




Coleman’s school program this year was “I Have a Dream.” Coleman’s class practiced it for 3 to 4 weeks and performed it twice at school. The best part was when each kid told the audience where they hoped to go to college and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Coleman said “I hope to attend the University of the South in Tennessee and be manager of the greatest city in the world . . . Las Vegas.” I attended both performances, and he got big laughs each time. I promise, I DID NOT tell him to say that.


The Mayor was at the second performance and loved hearing about Coleman’s ambitions. Her grandson Jacob is in second grade too.


Jaime Martin sent us a lovely gingerbread house for Christmas. It smells so good . . . I doubt it will make it to Christmas!


We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year at Wendy and Richard’s house. The thing I was most thankful for was not having to work so hard before and after the meal. It was such a pleasure to be able to relax and enjoy (although I did feel guilty for not helping enough.) I didn’t eve take pictures. Mari took both of these.



We had dinner at the Sugar Factory the next night so we could use a gift certificate before it expired. We had the King Kong ice cream sundae. It was ridonkulous.


Brian and I have seen a decent number of Phish shows this year, and I guess it’s starting to wear off on our kids. The Halloween show was really special, and I think Coleman listening to it sparked an interest in all things Phish. I printed up the lyrics to Fee and he understands the song better than I do. Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRBj9RK4gAM

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