Cousin Coleman

Ezra David Kester was born on June 12, 2015, which means that Coleman now has his first first cousin! We were all ecstatic about this little nugget being born at home. We let Jillian rest and waited a day for Coleman and Gabby to visit.


Ezra came over for Father’s Day.


Ezra visited Gabby after her tonsillectomy. Note that Coleman is not much of a pajama shirt fan. He only wants to wear bottoms and will occasionally wear a robe until he gets too hot. I wonder how old he will be before I suggest he needs to wear a shirt around the house? For now, I’m in constant awe of his perfect physique.


You can tell Gabby isn’t feeling very well.


Coleman and Gabby get some snuggle time at Grandma Wendy’s house.


One month prior to Ezra being born, we hosted Jillian’s baby shower at our house. Before the party was in full swing, I got a good shot of Coleman with Wendy, Azurde and Loraine.


Ginny Trudeau took a decent family shot.


One of the best things that happened to Coleman in 2015 is playing on a city of Las Vegas recreational flag football team. He had a great Coach and a lot of fun, but also some tears when they played poorly.


We spent Memorial Day weekend in Seattle. We arrived in the evening and headed to Pike Place Market before dinner at Etta’s. Our first stop was the gum wall. Who wouldn’t love being around millions of pieces of chewed up gum?!


Climbing on a pig was a must.


The next morning we walked a little over a mile to breakfast and happened upon the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, which is currently a one of a kind store.


After breakfast we went to the Pacific Science Center. We saw very old trees . . .


and butterflies.


Coleman got silly.


We spent a bit of time at the Folklife Festival watching a youth orchestra perform. The fenced in area is where you were allowed to drink beer, and kids weren’t allowed. Pop quiz - Which parent spent time in the fenced in area? Brian! But it was only for one beer.


We did a tour with Ride the Ducks of Seattle, and it was definitely a highlight of the trip, mainly because our tour guide had decades of experience to hone his craft. He was so good that he made up for the very annoying duck noisemakers that everyone received. I think the part that stuck with us the most was that Starbucks has 470 stores in Seattle. (I recently found out that Vegas is second in Starbucks stores per capita.) Every time we passed a Starbucks store, we’d yell “Ka-Ching!” We probably said that 15 times on the 2 hour tour, and we kept saying it for several days after.


After the tour we went back to the hotel to hang out in the club room proving once again that people of all ages like free food!


There was a GameWorks across the street from the hotel. Coleman bought a whoopee cushion with his tickets, and it instantly became his new favorite toy. Watch the video.

Unfortunately, the whoopee cushion died the next day, and Coleman did not take it well. This video was even funnier when it was in slow motion, but I wasn’t able to preserve that function when I uploaded it to You Tube.

We started Day Two off with a food tour of Pike Place Market, which included donuts, smoked salmon, clam chowder, chocolate covered cherries, crab cakes, piroshkies and cheese. Guess where our tour began? In a little office right by the Gum Wall! Yummy!


We took a float plane ride over Seattle.


Gabby and Coleman sat in the back.


I think Coleman really enjoyed it. Gabby . . . not so much.


And then spent an hour at Fremont Brewing Company.


We had an incredible meal at Shiro’s Sushi.


Gabby teased her brother - “Coleman loves Tinkerbell as much as he loves his family.”


On our final morning in Seattle, we walked around downtown. We wanted the kids to see the library.


They had to goof off across the street at the U.S. Appeals Court.


Our trip ended with us meeting up with John Schroder, Brian’s friend who he hadn’t seen since high school. We had a long breakfast at Pike Place Market and then walked around to find souvenirs to buy. It was a pretty great family trip. They just get easier as the kids get older.

Annie came to The Smith Center. Coleman went home at intermission. It was a school night, and he was just too tired to make it to 10:00 p.m.


Coleman at Reading Day.


We volunteered at Lutheran Social Services’ Food Bank the day after the kids got out of school for the summer. They got to stock shelves and enjoyed the work until they didn’t.


City of Las Vegas Parks and Recreation is doing a big marketing campaign right now, and Coleman is promoting birthday parties in our parks. He looks like he’s 5 years old in this picture!


The Westermans came over for dinner, and Jenica made trifle.


Nicolina let Coleman hold her for a bit.


The kids attended one week of Kim Bavington’s art camp this summer, and they produced art unlike anything I ever made when I was a kid.


Uncle Paul came to visit for the Fourth of July.


Brian lit firecrackers in the backyard, and the kids loved it.


So far, it’s been a great summer. It will be even greater once our pool is finished, hopefully by the end of July!

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